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If you want to master the science and practice of self-discipline used by accomplished businessmen, athletes, innovators and other successful people with this ultimate guide to self-discipline, then keep reading...

Do you often find it difficult to stay on track whenever you make plans? Are you easily distracted from your goals when things get tough? Would you like to develop a solid resolve that will get you through rough patches, eliminate distractions and help you stay on course?

If yes, then this book was written for you.

A great many people still think that massive success comes from luck or natural talent, but while these certainly are a factor, there's a much better predictor of success than luck or talent.

And that's self-discipline.

Combining powerful insights from psychological research and real-world observation, this guide will show you why self-discipline will take you to heights you previously thought were impossible to attain and will give you a blueprint to achieving rock-solid discipline.

Here's a small preview of what you're going to discover in this guide:

Why paradigms are the operating system of your subconscious mind
Four simple questions you can use to examine your paradigms
The four pillars of self-discipline. Without these, it's impossible to have any form of discipline
17 powerful tips to help you develop the self-discipline of a Navy seal
How to set smart goals and completely knock it out of the park
How to improve mindfulness using the power of meditation
The simple perspective shift that will help you gain control over your emotions. It's not what you think!
How to set up powerful daily routines that set you up for success
The ultimate 21-day path to mastering self-discipline
...and tons more!

No matter what your goals in life are, whether it's setting a target to lose those extra pounds or improving productivity at your workplace, this guide will hand you the tools to break free from distractions, excuses and laziness.

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Business & Personal Finance
Brian Housewert
hr min
April 25
Brian Hall