Self Help Bible: 2-in-1 Box Set: A Sacred Enneagram Journey, The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Magic (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

In today’s fast-paced digital world, I know how it feels like to be sad, lost, or sometimes even depressed. Anxieties of how you’re never good enough creeps in. I want you to know that it’s all normal and that out of the ashes, you shall rise and become stronger than ever!

I’ve created Self Help Bible bundle to help people like you and me who have been struggling with these same issues for years!

The first audiobook in this bundle is Sacred Enneagram Journey. Inside, you’ll discover:

Why your gift is also your curse - and how human beings are actually wired
What to understand about the different Enneagram types - and how to use it for self discovery
An ultimate guide for spiritual growth - plus understanding yourself and your loved ones better
Why there is much more than nine types in the Enneagram - and what all of those means
Secrets for using the Enneagram to discover your real self and let your true colors shine
And many, many more

The second book is The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Magic. Inside this audiobook, you’ll discover:

Why it’s all in your head - and how changing your thoughts can change your life
Secrets for curing anxiety, depression, and phobias - even if you think you’ve tried everything
Powerful tips for eliminating intrusive thoughts and saying good-bye to negative thinking forever
Why most conventional wisdom for ending your suffering doesn’t work - and what to do instead
How to finally break free from the chains of suffering - and why you need to do it now before it’s too late
And many, many more

So if you want to enhance your life in every area imaginable, get the Self Help Bible now and discover the whole new world that awaits you!

Lisaun Whittingham, Megan DeLay
hr min
January 23
Suzanne & Maria