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In Self Matters, Dr. Phil helps you to demystify your self-concept, and learn how to reclaim your authentic self.

What if there is a You that has never seen the light of day, has never got to say, "Hey, what about me?"
What if there is a You that you have never even met and certainly never permitted to just be, without fear of judgment or condemnation?
What if you live your life on the sidelines in constant fear of failing to please those who forever seem to stand in judgment of you and your life?
What if you discovered that you had settled for what life has served up instead of what you really wanted and needed?
What if you really think and feel things you have never allowed to come out, and certainly never acted on?
What if your marriage is not at all what you really emotionally want and need, but you silently stay the course anyway, selling out your hope to be happy?
What if you are allowing days to turn into weeks and weeks to turn into months and months to turn into years, all adding up to a lifetime of being what some nameless, faceless world has assigned you to be?
If any of these "What ifs" are true in your life, then we need to talk, and through these pages, we will. First, I have some bad news, and I have some good news. The bad news is you are making the choices that have put you in this life circumstance; the good news is you are making the choices that have put you in this life circumstance. Now is the time to make the biggest choice of your life. Through Self Matters, I will help you do just that.
-- Phil McGraw

Phil McGraw
hr min
November 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

Silvan Rabbit ,

Great audiobook but no text

Dr. Phil's books are always my favorite. I bought this one from iPhone and I expected there were both audio & the booktext together. However, it was not. I had downed some audiobooks from iTunes long time ago, they had both text and audio, the text would roll down automatically followed the audio went. So I got a little disappointed with this one... Maybe not every audiobook has text? Or they have changed, so that we have to buy the book and the audio and then pay twice if we want both of them...
Moreover, there are 5 chapters in this audiobook. When I play it from iPhone, I can see it separates to 5 tracks and so I can choose whatever chatper I want to listen to. But when I try to play it from iTunes, it becomes only one track (5hr 59mins) for the whole book. It's weird...
However, it's still a good audiobook, the voice is loud and clear. The price isn't cheap for me since it doesn't have text included.
I'll still recommend people to buy this audiobook if you really love Dr. Phil's products!

DebSoCAL ,


Love it

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