Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics : The Twelve Key Strategies for Managers and Salespeople

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Two "blue-collar bulldogs" with a combined half-century of experience share a proven twelve-point system for sales success within the complex, multi-layered, and demanding field of manufacturing and logistics.
Everyone is selling, all the time-but not everyone sells well, and not everyone realizes that selling is what's happening. This is true to some degree in all aspects of business, but it is particularly true for businesses involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and delivery of products.
There are so many different departments that must come together in collaboration to ensure the successful delivery of a product-and consequently a satisfied customer-that everyone along the chain should, ideally, be selling all the time, to everyone, in every department. That's a major task! This book shows managers and salespeople what works when it comes to connecting all the dots . . . and, just as important, what doesn't work. The system it outlines works for sellers in any company that manufactures, distributes, or delivers products to end users.
Selling in Manufacturing and Logistics outlines a proven twelve-point system for sales success within these mature vertical sectors of the economy. Jones and Guest's twelve key strategies for sales professionals in this dynamic field, all based on the Sandler Selling System, are as follows:
1. Understand the Players
2. Get in Front of the Right Prospects
3. Set the Plan
4. Leverage Both Digital and Voice to Voice Prospecting
5. Take Control of the Selling Day
6. Set Expectations

7. Known When to Bid . . . and When Not to Bid
8. De-Commoditize Your Offering
9. Follow Up Strategically
10. Think Beyond the "Close"
11. Grow "Accounts" into "Relationships"
12. Make Accountability a Way of Life
These twelve "blue-collar bulldog" strategies will help you identify the best ways to move the sales process forward, step away from "opportunities" that won't turn into anything, and get today's technology to work for you, rather than you working hard for the technology. If you follow this program, you will have additional time, and more focused time, to spend in front of the right prospects . . . you will get decisions sooner . . . and you will close more sales.
The book features a special appendix on effective strategies for the hiring and retention of drivers-a perennial "hot button" issue for leaders in these companies.

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