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Inc. Magazine Top 100 Business Book and Top 10 Leadership Book of 2015.

Axiom Business Book Gold Award Winner.

We all know people who seem to move from success to success, with barely a pause or dip in between. They're always excited about the next big project or goal. When trouble comes, they land on their feet. They are role models and opinion makers who lead rewarding lives. In a world full of people who almost win, these are the few who do it repeatedly and consistently.

Larry Weidel has benefitted tremendously from the mentorship of some of these serial winners. Applying and adapting their lessons allowed him to achieve extraordinary success and coach others to do the same. In Serial Winner, he distills the five basic actions of the cycle of winning to help you:

Move forward when you feel stuck

Crush early doubts and give yourself the best shot at succeeding

Overcome obstacles to win anyway

Maintain your mental toughness until you cross the finish line

Avoid the winner's trap and use the momentum of each win to achieve the next

Through inspiring and funny stories and no-nonsense advice, Larry exposes the myths and facts about successful people and shares essential insights into achieving whatever you want in life. Whether you're just starting a venture or looking to get out of a longstanding rut, Serial Winner shows you the steps for creating a regular pattern of success!

Business & Personal Finance
Larry Weidel
hr min
September 19
Larry Weidel and WOW World Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Squilno ,

Totally Changed My Life!

I was tortured for years because I felt like I needed to go back to college and get a degree in order to pursue a career I actually liked. But I didn't have the money to go back to school. So I kept taking administrative office positions and working my way up the ladder. At first, it felt good to do well and be rewarded with promotions and better positions–especially since the people my age who actually had degrees weren't even as far along as I was in their own careers.

After a while though, working hard for someone else became less and less fulfilling. I was giving 110% every day, working 60-70 hours every week. It was exhausting! I was extremely stressed. And it just didn't seem worth it. The payoff wasn't good enough, and I didn't like what I was doing or where I was headed.

It was about that time when I discovered this book and changed my life!

This book re-energized my passion for my dream of owning my own photography business. I realized I didn't need college or start up money to make it happen. So I decided to go for it and followed the 5 clear, simple steps exactly as the book describes.

Now my photography business is up and running and growing like crazy! I am more energized and fulfilled than ever before because I'm actually doing what I want to do, heading in a direction I'm excited about, and getting the things I want out of life! Soon I'll be able to quit my 9-5 because my photography business will be making more money than my salary. Not to mention I'll be able to make my own schedule, take days off whenever I feel like it, and focus on the things that are important to me.

I've listened to Serial Winner several times now, and I get something different from it every time depending on what stage I'm in. I would highly recommend this book–especially to entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, anyone considering a career change, and anyone going for a promotion. This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to do something different or something more with their life big or small–even if it seems unattainable. This book will clearly show you how to get what you want out of life!

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