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Over a third of Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For" adhere to a principle called "servant leadership". James C. Hunter's runaway best seller The Servant introduced over a million listeners around the world to this philosophy of leading through courage, compassion, and character. Now with The Servant Leadership Training Course, this acclaimed author teaches listeners immediate, practical techniques for applying the revolutionary principles of servant leadership to their working lives. 

Drawing from the sold-out seminars he has presented all over the world, Hunter teaches listeners about:

The role of character: how right action builds inner strength and inspires others to grow
How major corporations have turned servant leadership into increased morale, productivity, and profit; and what it means for your business
Learning to use influence instead of intimidation to achieve your goals, and much more

In the business world, the greatest leaders emerging today are the ones who have learned how to serve their employees, not command them. With foundational principles and practical exercises that apply to chief executives and local managers alike, The Servant Leadership Training Course gives listeners the keys to leading with integrity, authority, and compassion. 

Business & Personal Finance
James C. Hunter
hr min
July 26
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Customer Reviews

Stonesrole ,

Accessible and Credible Introduction to Servant Leadership!

All one has to do is read Mr. Hunter’s best-selling books, The Servant, and The Most Powerful Leadership Principle to know that the author is unbiased toward people. In fact, I find the author to be humble and on occasion self-effacing. Mr. Hunter is the first to admit that you won’t become a leader, much less a servant-leader by reading any book including his own and if you want some dry and vapid manual on the subject you’ll be disappointed. Hunter insists that servant leaders can emerge from all walks of life, but they have to be willing to refocus on the subject and eschew traditional “top down” and dictatorial leadership models. He accurately identifies Christ as a prime and original example of a servant leader, and yet in a personal non-proselytizing manner, and he refers to plenty of other examples as well. Listeners will take away an accessible knowledge of key principles that if properly apprehended can have a huge impact on one’s interest and determination to become a servant leader.

Sergie77 ,

Frighteningly disapointing

41 minutes into this "course", Mr. Hunter has already mocked and demeaned both Asians and people who seek mental health treatment. He even states at one point that only "10%" of people who seek mental health treatment actually need help. This is not a "course", it's actually a lot of anecdotal stories with very Christian undertones that offer misplaced and underdeveloped advice as opposed to explorations of leadership style or character. For someone who speaks so much of characters, Mr. Hunter's small minded viewpoint feels very contradictory. As a military social worker, I am someone who constantly is trying to grow and cultivate my leadership style, and I can honestly say I have found nothing redeeming in Mr. Hunter's baseless ramblings.

FooBar66 ,

save your money

this is complete garbage, save your money and check out Henry Cloud or other reputable authors and not this clown.

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