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Book 1: Greed

Money can be used for so much that it’s one of the most desired things in this world. But while some people work, get paid, or run an honest business, others steal and cheat to get their hands on more. And once they have more, it’s not enough.

What about you? Is there greed in you? And is greed always evil? Or does it motivate us to compete as well? 

What does the Bible say about greed? How does God look at greed? 

We’ve heard it before: The love of money is the root of all evil. Greed, or avarice, has caused many to “[E]rr from the faith”, according to Paul, who wrote to Timothy. “Flee these things,” he said, urging him - and all of us - to concentrate on Christlike qualities instead of worldly possessions and on treasures in heaven, not on earth. 

Book 2: Envy

Are envy and jealousy the same? 

And last but not least, how do we overcome it? 

These and many other questions will be answered in this analytical, spiritual book of a devout Christian. 

Envy is often something we point out in others, but if we face the facts and admit to being imperfect, finding it in ourselves can actually improve our lives, our attitude, and our happiness. When we figure out where our feelings are wrong, we can take action and change our mind-set.

Book 3: Gluttony

Gluttony comes in many forms, and many people don’t realize they are partakers of this deadly sin. If they would, however, their lives would be more enjoyable, and their actions more selfless.

Do the Scriptures talk about gluttony, or is it one of those things we made up after the Bible was put together? 

How does God look at gluttony, and where are the boundaries? 

These and many other questions will be answered in this book about one of the seven deadly sins.

Religion & Spirituality
Michael Cleary
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September 7
A to Z Publishing