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Who better to fight back the darkness of the world than the one responsible for most of it?

Daylen, once known as the Great Bastard, the Scourge of Nations, Dayless the Conqueror, has lived in hiding since his presumed death. Burdened by age and tremendous guilt, he thinks his life is coming to an end. Unbeknownst to him he’s about to embark on a journey towards redemption where his ruthless abilities might save the world. Many battles await with friends to be made and a past filled with countless crimes to confront, all the while trying to keep his true identity a secret.

Indeed, it might be too much if not for the fabled power awaiting him.

Everfall is a world of perpetual day where the continents float in an endless sky. If one jumps from the continent they will fall for many hours before returning to the same place from which they fell. Skyships rule the air powered by shining sunstone and industrial darkstone. A legendary order of knights bears mystical powers which they use to hunt out the dreaded shade, monsters that regular people turn into if trapped in darkness for the length of a fall.

It is a world of enchanted swords, merciless monsters, mystical knights, and hard magic, filled with tales of wonder and adventure.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Michael Kramer, Kate Reading
hr min
July 10
Shadiversity Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

RexAllen45 ,

An artistic masterpiece!

This is a truly unique and fresh work of art. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of the book and every minute of the audiobook. Shad is an incredible author, and I look forward with great anticipation for his next masterful work.

Nimen ranch farmer ,

Great book!!!

Great book! Really hope this turns into a series

Jfkdiekelskdmckdm ,

Shade! This book is good!

When I finished, the first thing I wanted to do was hear the whole thing again. Who needs sleep when you have this book.

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