Shadow Summit: One Man, His Diagnosis, and the Road to a Vibrant Life (Unabridged) Shadow Summit: One Man, His Diagnosis, and the Road to a Vibrant Life (Unabridged)

Shadow Summit: One Man, His Diagnosis, and the Road to a Vibrant Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $12.99

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At 33, Jon Chandonnet thought living a vibrant life meant setting goals and working long hours and hard days to make things happen. Living by that credo, he accomplished a lot. He earned his master’s from MIT, led teams to develop software to launch start-ups, ran a couple marathons, and scaled several 14,000-foot California peaks. Jon was well on his way—or so he thought—but he was a ticking time bomb. He’d been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years earlier. He ignored it completely and instead pushed himself to extremes. He lived in denial—ignoring his diagnosis in hopes of outrunning the disease.

The run ended, and the disease caught up. Jon’s health declined and led him on an eight-year odyssey to understand life’s essential elements and find a way to minimize the impact of the disease. He wanted his health back to create a full life despite the MS. During the journey, Jon found seven essential elements allowing him to track daily actions and habits in pursuit of the healthiest, most fulfilled, and joyful life possible. He succeeded and realized others could benefit from the knowledge. Jon found a way to simplify life, strip away the chaos, and focus on what matters.

The result was the 7 VIBRANTs™ well-being system. A well-being system enabling anyone to create their best life with greater focus, persistence, fulfillment, joy, and ease. Jon combined his software experience with his newfound wisdom and realized humans, like computers, take in inputs all day long. As humans we take in food, process thoughts, emotions, and social interactions to make decisions and choices in reaction to these inputs. The 7 VIBRANTs™ well-being system helps individuals become more mindful of their inputs to more naturally create the output (life experience) they want.

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