Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare? Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare?

Shakey's Madness: Does a Mental Disorder Reveal the "Real" William Shakespeare‪?‬

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'Shakey's Madness' is a well-researched, lively, and well rounded argument around the "real" author of 'The First Folio'. Using academic resources including The Folger Shakespeare Library, the author sets out his hypothesis that the real author of the work currently attributed to William Shakespeare may have experienced bipolar affective disorder, and this information may help us to uncover his identity. It is a fresh take on the authorship question. It even explains the possible involvement of Sir Thomas North.

I can't say I've ever particularly doubted that Shakespeare's work was written by William Shakespeare; that is I was familiar with the theory that the canon were written by someone else, it had just never interested me enough to look into it. I was curious about 'Shakey's Madness' as a neutral observer, and I found that the author formed his arguments in a way that was entertaining and interesting. At times it reminded me of a university essay, with references to academics and further sources but I found it easy to follow along with. I feel this would be an interesting read regardless of which side of this particular argument you fall. Yes, there will always be those who will claim that Shakespeare could be self-taught like Lincoln or DaVinci and not need college or schooling, but this is a book that curves. It asks about all the fainting that happens in the Shakespeare canon. Fainting that is not only found in his plays, but his poetry too.

This audio book is narrated by the author who shares his own personal stories along with why people have doubted the man from Stratford, and why the Oxfordian argument makes sense. You might also learn something about the alarming rise of bipolar II affective disorder along the way. Listeners will be reminded to take out their trash bins for hell hath no fury of a woman left with too much trash.

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