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In Creekstone, Texas, a small, quiet suburb of Houston, football was king . . . and David Temple was a prince. A former high school and college gridiron star-turned-coach, he had a fairy-tale marriage to bright, vivacious Belinda Lucas, a teacher at the local high school who was so warm and popular her colleagues called her "The Sunshine Girl."

The fairy tale ended savagely on January 11, 1999, when Belinda's lifeless body was discovered in a closet. Her skull had been shattered by a shotgun blast at close range. She was eight months pregnant.

There was no damning evidence directly linking the brutal murder to husband David, who stood by emotionless and dry-eyed as police searched the crime scene. But a dogged eight-year investigation would expose a shocking history of cruelty and domination, infidelity and rage-ultimately resulting in an epic courtroom battle for the ages-as the scandalous truth was revealed about love betrayed and innocent lives . . . shattered.

Coleen Marlo
hr min
June 29
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

krewellah ,

Could it be?

I think I have found a new favorite! As I mentioned in previous reviews, I am an Anne Rule fan through and through, but I've gotta say that this author is running a real close second. I only know about her true crime books (she writes mysteries also) but they are really good.

I found myself on the edge of my seat, mad at the killer and sad for the victims, riveted by the court room proceedings and left wanting more.

Good stuff,

Mirulz ,

Good job

Absolutely love the writing and the narrator- good pair. You know it's a really good story when you find yourself looking up more info after the read! Narrator went just a tiny bit tooo fast, found it a little hard keeping up with names, relationships because of the speed of the narrator, otherwise it would've been a five star, but def. getting more if her audiobooks!!! Can't wait!!

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