She Loves Me: Harmony Pointe, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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What are two besties willing to risk for something more? The New York Times bestselling author of This Is Love has the answer in this fun, sexy, and emotional romance about friendship, family, and giving love a chance.

Something is off in Piper Dalton's life, and she has a feeling it might just be her. All her siblings are blissfully settled with their forever loves. But while her sisters were dreaming of white weddings, Piper was left heartbroken and commitment phobic by her first love, her best friend's younger brother. As a woman dominating the male-driven construction industry, Piper has no interest in turning in her hammer for an apron - even if hot and hilarious Harley thinks otherwise.

Burly bar owner Harley Dutch has a bum ankle and two preteen nieces to take care of, and having his best friend, tough-as-nails and sexy-as-sin Piper Dalton, come to his rescue is just the remedy he needs. Piper is her snarky self, and she kind of sucks at caregiving, but she's owned his heart for years, she's got a way with the girls, and Harley would sure like to have his way with her....

As things heat up between Piper and Harley, she warns him not to fall in love with her because she'll only break his heart. Harley is the right man for that challenge - until he makes the biggest mistake of his life, and they begin to wonder if true love really can conquer all.

Aiden Snow
hr min
April 21
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Load fun ,

Yes, read it!!!

OMG! I loved this book!!!
This is the third book in a series - that is so much fun to read! I will definitely be keeping this book to read it again!

Piper is a total strong-willed spitfire! Harley is a natural hero/protector. Together, is where they were always meant to be!

I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

iPod iPad user 101 ,


She Loves Me is a wonderful book that is full of fun flirty characters, hot romance and of course a little family drama. I have always loved sassy Piper, never afraid to lend a hand or stand up for anyone she loves. To see her fall head over hills for Harley was great. Harley who is as dedicated to his family and friends like Piper shows that he has patience. He has to since he has been in love with Piper Dalton for years and she has been to stubborn to realize it. Little by little Harley tears down the walls she has built around her heart and proves to her endlessly that he doesnt want her to change. When Piper finally realizes her feelings for Harley, their relationship blooms, in and out the the bedroom. Their chemistry is combustible. They make such a wonderful couple. As always I love each and every character in this series and it was fun seeing them again. What a fabulous story!

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Love this type of heroine!

Melissa Foster is a new author to me. I did hesitate starting with a 3rd in a series, but I was intrigued by the description of She Loves Me and decided to go for it. I'm really happy that I did and thankfully it turned out to be a standalone. It does have quite a few side characters that I believe have their own books, and while it took me a bit to learn who everyone was, I never felt lost.

For my first read by this author this turned out to be a great one. I happy to know I have several books to read by all these side characters. I really enjoyed that small town feel and all the people in our main couples lives. The author even has me excited for future books with some still unattached characters. I am such a sucker for single parent romances and it looks like we got a few to look forward to.

As for our main characters? Oh man, was Harley amazing! My number one favorite thing in a hero is a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. Add in that he's devoted, loyal, awesome with kids, makes him almost perfect in my eyes. And the way he was so patient with Piper, he never gave up. I loved him!

Piper had some thorns. She has a lot of hangups about men and I wanted her to accept Harley's love easier but once she gave him a chance, she never pushed him away. She worked at trying to open up to him and she was honest. I loved how honest she was. You don't have any games being played with these two. It really was refreshing and it made me love her character despite that big wall she had up.

I really enjoyed my first book by Melissa Foster. I highly recommend it and can see myself going back and re-reading this one again.

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