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At the farthest reaches of the British Empire, four men swear an oath to keep a terrible secret, a secret drenched in blood which is the key to immense wealth.

In London, Sherlock Holmes is suffering once more form the dreadful ennui which plagues him, when a beautiful young woman comes to him with a mystery which is to stretch even his remarkable deductive skills.

Once a year, Mary Morstan receives an anonymous package containing a magnificent costly pearl. Aware that the gifts are somehow connected to the disappearance of her father ten years previously, she is both intrigued and frightened by the arrival of a letter summoning her for a meeting in the dead of night. Accompanied by Holmes and Watson, Mary embarks on a quest which is to lead them through the dark heart of the city, to a one-legged man and an incredible tale of greed and revenge.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Clive Merrison, Michael Williams, Full Cast
hr min
February 23
BBC Worldwide Limited

Customer Reviews

Mathema_ ,


If you are looking for an unabridged copy of the original story, then this item is probably not for you. If you have already read (and enjoyed) the original story and are looking for a good dramatization that has been performed by at least a half a dozen talented actors, then your search may very well be over.

I stress that you should probably have read the novel first because, of course, this is a radio broadcast. Many may view this performance as kind of like listening to a theater production without actually being able to see what’s going on… but as a reader and fan of the canon I consider this a blessing in disguise. One of the reasons theater and especially film adaptations scare me so much is because essential details are so often changed to meet budget constraints, artistic desires, or whatever. While this performance does omit a few details, it does not change them. What remains is absolutely correct, and, any student of the canon will effortlessly fill in the gaps along the way using his/her imagination.

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