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I've been many things in my life: daughter, friend, student, lover, wife…and now, widow. Getting past those labels and finding who I could be without them was the hardest thing I've ever done.

Then I became friends with Brendon Connolly.

Every time I look at him, I see a past, I see a present, and I’m afraid if I look too hard, I’ll see a future.


I've known Harmony Wynham since before she got married. Before she lost everything. I didn’t know that one day she wouldn’t be just my friend but the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Only I don't think that can happen.

Not when every time she looks at me, she sees what she lost, and I can only see what I can't overcome.

I love her, even though I shouldn't. Somehow, we need to find a balance.

Because if we don't, walking away will be the hardest thing I've ever done - even if it's the only thing I should do.

Maxine Mitchell, Joe Arden
hr min
May 2
Carrie Ann Ryan

Customer Reviews

Lexee9 ,

Great Read!

I really enjoyed this story. It does a little more of a somber quality as it deals with some heavy subjects but throughout there is the hope and the moving on. Harmony lost her husband 2 years ago and her group of friends just lost one of their own. They are all reeling and trying to find their new normal. This is the second book in the series and while it can be read as a standalone there are connections to the first. This is series is about the three friends that are left after losing their fourth. They are all super close. We get more of the friends death in the first book and this one focuses more on Harmony's loss of her husband and moving on from that. Brendon is one of the Connelly brothers, which are close to the female group of friends. The two groups had drifted apart but the death of their friend brought everyone back together.
This book is really well written. We really get to know the characters which I love. This book is on the darker side. It's not a light story but it is something that people can relate whether they have lost a spouse or not. We usually know someone that has and this gives an inside look to that. Brendon struggles with his past and the idiosyncrasies that he has because of it. This story flows really well and while it deals with grief and loss it always has the tinge of hope and moving on, living life. This series is different than other books that Carrie Ann Ryan has written but like all previous books, love conquers all and she definitely writes a fantastic story where you connect with the characters. I absolutely adored this story and am looking forward to getting the next book and hopefully more than just one.
I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

Chicky345 ,

Shouldn’t have you

This is the second book in the Fractured Connections series. Three friends Violet, Harmony, and Sienna are learning to live without their fourth, Alison, after her passing. At the same time the Connelly brothers Cameron, Brendon, and Aiden are learning to save a bar, be brothers again, and add a forth into the mix, all while grieving Alison’s loss and trying to help the girls keep going.

Harmony has already lost one love in her life, and is only just starting to try and date again but the dating pool seems very limited. Brendon was close friends with Harmony’s husband Moyer and feels like he could be stepping on toes with the feelings he has developed for her.

This was such a great book. The build up in the series has been so heartbreaking and real, but also very healing for the group. I love that Harmony & Brendon weren’t left for last. It’s such a touchy topic moving on to the next steps in life after losing a spouse, but also doing it with a friend makes the step easier and harder at the same time. I love that C.A.R doesn’t gloss over these hard touchy topics like some authors do by adding them in like side notes. The grief these six people share and have to learn to live with everyday IS the story.

As always the audio by Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell was amazing and this series was the perfect series for the duel narration.