Show Me: Extracurricular Activities, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Two roommates. One camera. A whole lot of action.

I get crushes the way some people get seasonal allergies. And sharing a house with four hot roommates is like being stuck in permanent spring. Too bad I keep getting friend-zoned.

But it’s senior year now, and I’m done pining for the impossible. Time to live it up and go out with a bang. Or a lot of bangs.

And I’m definitely, definitely not getting attached to anyone. Especially not my straight, gym-loving, football player roommate Sam, whose impressively I caught a glimpse of once. Or several times.

That’s why, when Sam asks me for help with a very special, very NSFW project so he can make a little cash, of course I agree. In the name of friendship.

And if it turns out that Sam’s more than just muscles - that he’s sweet, and smart, and a little bit filthy, and a whole lot less straight than I thought - well, that’s neither here nor there, because this time I’m gonna be smart. This time, I’m friend-zoning myself.

We’ve got a list of deliciously hot scenarios, a camera, and Sam’s What could possibly go wrong?

From the author of Want Me comes the third new adult college romance in the Extracurricular Activities series. Expect low angst, high heat, plenty of laughs, a flustered redhead, a gentle giant of a football player, and enough BDE to power a mid-size city.

Kirt Graves, Silas Whitaker
hr min
June 16
Wilder Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ohheylillian ,

It’s a problem with the co-narrator

Let me just say I have adored this series and seriously still love the writing in this book. That’s why I gave it as high a rating as I did. Kirt Graves is an INCREDIBLE narrator too. But Silas Whitaker’s versions of the characters in this book and the writing caused me to disengage from the story more times than not. I stuck it through fully because of Kirt’s chapters. I can’t completely bomb a rating of a book based on the narrator because the writing and story is so wonderful. The characters are so much fun and I loved hearing Jesse’s story especially after the first book in this series. Honestly would have loved if this book was only narrated by Kirt just like the first two books but that is my only complaint. The book is still worth a listen to finish the series otherwise!

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