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A fair question that I have been asked is, “what makes this new version different?” While I still believe in the Shut Up Philosophy, I have had 20 more years to live and breathe it and, in the process, fine-tune it. The world has changed, and so in response, the lessons need to continue to be more relevant and revealing. The fact, that I wrote this book during the pandemic proves that if you want to make the Universe laugh, make a plan.

The core concepts remain, no one likes to be stifled, silenced, or feel as if they are merely a participant rather than the leading player in their life. No one likes to hear

•“Shut Up, that’s a stupid idea…”

•“Shut Up, your opinions don’t matter…”

•“Shut Up, you are not important…”

And the one that still gets me all fired up every time I hear it:

•“Shut Up, you have no idea what you are talking about!”

Are you ready to take your life next level?

Dr. Joshua Estrin
hr min
August 31
Author's Republic

Customer Reviews

Lorraineisms ,

Bite-sized life lessons

Sensible, clear, and easy to absorb words of wisdom to remind us of the power we to drive our own lives. The chapters are to-the-point and concise life lessons. Listen to one in the AM and take the day to mull it over or jump into action. Highly recommend!

jmg2326 ,

Nice update to the classic.

There are many insightful thoughts about how to manage in the modern world.

user 666420 ,

I’m glad I “Shut Up and Listen”ed to Myself

Dr. Josh took me on a wild ride with this one. I feel totally called out, but I’m all the better for it. I highly recommend this audiobook for anyone who needs a kick in the pants.