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Detective Kurt Wallander is called to a nearby rapeseed field where a teenage girl has been loitering all day long. He arrives just in time to watch her douse herself in gasoline and set herself aflame. The next day he is called to a beach where Sweden’s former minister of justice has been axed to death and scalped.

The murder has the obvious markings of a demented serial killer, and Wallander is frantic to find him before he strikes again. But his investigation is beset with obstacles: a department distracted by the threat of cutbacks and the frivolity of World Cup soccer, a tenuous relationship with a widow, and the unshakably haunting preoccupation with the girl who set herself on fire.

Fascinating and astute, Sidetracked is a compelling mystery enhanced by keen social awareness.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Dick Hill
hr min
January 1
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Yngveld ,

Henning Mankell at his Swedish best – problematic narration

I should be thrilled with the appearance of Henning Mankell’s stories on iTunes. His Swedish detective stories are all wonderfully gripping, this one ia touch gorier than most.

But – the narration is a real problem. You can only hear it a little towards the end of the preview, but the reader has difficulty articulating final consonants so that the delivery is a jerky staccato. He is fine with dialog, which proves that it is not a recording error. I have enormous sympathy with people who have speech deficits, but a couple of hours into this 14-hour audio book I found my jaw clenched from the stress of anticipating the next stutter.

Snizzz ,

Great Story Great Narration!!

The story is my first by this author and I loved it. And I'm always a fan of Dick Hill. And the only stuttering I heard was when he was performing the voice of a character... who stutters. There is no problem with the narration at all. If you're into police/crime/murder novels, it doesn't get much better than this - gruesome and intriguing. A+

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