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Shade, a young silverwing bat, is the runt of his colony. Determined to show how brave he is, Shade breaks one of the ancient rules that governs the bats. As punishment, owls burn the bats’ roost, forcing them to migrate earlier than normal.

While on the trip south to the Hibernaculum, Shade becomes separated from his flock during a rain storm. His destination is millions of wing beats away. Now he must find a way to make the journey on his own.

Along the way, he’ll meet up with bats of different species—some friendly, some not. Shade will have to learn quickly which ones to trust if he’s ever going to see his family again.

Silverwing combines action, fantasy and factual information on bats into an unforgettable tale. John McDonough’s soaring narration brings Shade and and his colony to life.

Kids & Young Adults
John McDonough
hr min
January 1
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Customer Reviews

Theresa Rose ,

Loved it!

This book is really great. I first read it in the 6th Grade, and I still enjoy it today. It's a really cute, yet emotional and serious story. Silverwing deals with all sorts of aspects of bat life, so it's not only entertaining, but enjoyable educational. The narrator is really good at making each character have a unique voice, too. Definitely a good read (or listen).

Landisbieber#1 ,


this book was especially boring to me. but, the narrator was grrrreat! he kinda made this book enjoyable!

Hey!How'sitgoing! ,

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love this book! My enrichment teacher read it to us in 4th grade, and our whole class loved it! The next year, the same group got together and read the other two novels- Sunwing and Firewing. I love how they are so suspenseful. Oppel takes real life events and ties them in to events in the story- from a bat's point of view. Like how they think being "banded" is very unusual. In some bat communities, being banded means your very special- but in most they would exile you because they thought you were cursed. I love how addicting they are- even though the ending of Firewing is soooo sad:(== (== equals tears). Love it!!!!!!!!

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