Single: Stockton Beavers, Book 1 (Unabridged) Single: Stockton Beavers, Book 1 (Unabridged)

Single: Stockton Beavers, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Underdog Luke "Single" Singleton is yearning to make a comeback. After getting hit in the neck with a pitch - an injury that nearly cost him his life - he has one last chance to play for his hometown team, the Stockton Beavers. But his mom has Alzheimer's, and he's all she has to depend on. How can he pursue his career, much less someone special?

Personal care aide Roberta Bennett is done dating baseball players. Having had her share of heartbreak, she heads to Stockton hoping for a fresh start. But after she finds Luke's mom outside, lost, and alone, she can't refuse when he hires her on the spot. Unbeknownst to Luke, Roberta is all too familiar with the violent tendencies of the pitcher who hit him.

Now that they're living under the same roof, the last thing either of them is looking for is a relationship. But it's not long before they find themselves drawn to each other. And right when Luke is thinking about finally making a change to his single status, a secret from Roberta's past emerges with the power to tear them apart.

Aundrea Mitchell, Gary Furlong
hr min
September 14
Collette West

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GmaLeena ,

Determination Over Fear

Luke Singleton (AKA Single) has a chance to make a comeback for the same Stockton Beavers baseball team that his father played for. But his mother's Alzheimer's diagnosis may make that dream sink before it can be realized. He can't do both, take care of his mom on his own and play for his team again. After being injured during a game that not only could've injured him for life, but could have killed him. He worked his way back to be better than he was before. But what will he do with his mother? He's caring for her himself and doesn't want anyone to know about her condition.

Roberta Bennett needs a fresh start. After helping her boss and his children deal with their loss, she's ready to begin again. She's done dating baseball players, it's been one heartache after another with them. Being a caregiver, she's hoping she'll find her fresh start in Stockton. After finding Luke's mom wandering and lost in the rain while she's looking for him, neither of them can deny that it's the solution they both need. For her to move in and help with his mother.

Luke and Roberta have an instant connection, but are both afraid to act upon their feelings. For the reasons why you'll have to read or listen to the audial version of SINGLE to find out why. This is an emotional story that does deal with physical violence from past relationships, which might be a trigger for some people. I ABSOLUTELY loved listening to my first audial book. This is a heartfelt story that deals with a baseball player whom has to overcome a significant injury. A family member suffering with alzheimer, and what decisions and stress that causes for those that are left to pick up the pieces. As well as physical violence and the pain that comes with that in the future. I received an ARC via IndieSage in exchange for an honest blog tour review.

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- "Just wait until next time." "Oh yeah. Who says there'll be a next time?" "Your lips."
- Never lie to a good man about your past. It may seem like the right idea at the time but, you'll only end up hurting him in the end. Take heed and listen, he's the one who deserves your trust, not the one who came before him. A bad man can warp your heart, but a good man can open it up again. Don't deceive him like you were deceived. Both of you deserve better than that.
- Family always comes first.
- Love never dies, it goes on and on.