Sisters in White: Snow Sisters (Unabridged‪)‬

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Danica and Kaylie Snow are about to celebrate the biggest day of their lives - their double wedding - on an island in the Bahamas. But no wedding is complete without a little family drama. The two sisters aren't ready to face the father they haven't seen since he divorced their mother and moved away to marry his mistress and live with Lacy, the half sister they've never met.

While Danica has exchanged letters and phone calls with Lacy, Kaylie has fervently tried to pretend she doesn't exist. Lacy is sweet, fun, and nearly a mirror image of Kaylie. To make matters worse, not only is Lacy looking forward to meeting her sisters, but she idolizes them, too. As the countdown to the wedding date ticks on, their parents are playing a devious game of revenge, and there's a storm brewing over the island, threatening to cancel their perfect wedding. The sisters are about to find out if the bond of sisterhood really trumps all.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
August 18
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Pattyfgd ,

Family fun!

Danica and Kaylie have planned their double wedding down to the last minute. Ready to pledge their love to Blake and Chaz, the two are excited. But what they don't expect and plan for is the family issues that come into play. Their parents divorced, and now their father is coming to the wedding with his current wife and daughter. Danica is excited to meet her sister, Lacy but Kaylie is not! Drama, twists, turns and secrets revealed cause all kinds of problems. Will the wedding get off without a hitch? Give this one a listen. You will be surprised! I loved this book the best out of the trilogy. I think the culmination of the sisters, the history of their parents and the excitement of the wedding really gave me that feel good story emotional heart tug. We also get a peek at some of the Bradon cousins, and I can't wait to hear their books!

BJ Harrison finishes out the series with his wonderful voices. I love him, consistent through the three books, we always know who is speaking. He has a very pleasant voice, easy on the ears and he captures all the emotions of the story.

lcleme2 ,

Escape to the Bahamas and Fall in Love with the Snow Sisters

Would we ever expect anything to go quite “right” when it comes to the Kaylie and Danica? Well this love story takes place in Nassau Bahamas where the two are slated to marry their forever loves but of course it wouldn’t be a Melissa Foster romance without some twists and turns and in this case a storm that threatens to upend the wedding along with some family drama. If you get a chance before the summers over grab the book or download the audible edition and fall in love with the Snow sisters again. I personally loved listening to the audible edition while out on walks because it allowed me to delve into their world and escape the realities of daily life!

Carole Wooten ,

A double wedding!

While I liked this book, it was definitely not a favorite. I have to admit that I went into this book with a lot of assumptions which may have affected my enjoyment of the story. This is the third book in the Snow Sisters and it really needs to be read after the previous two books. I really thought going into this book that this would tell the story of the third daughter that I knew we would meet in this installment in the series. Lacy does play an important role in this book but I found this to be a continuation of Danica's story more than anything else.

Danica and her sister, Kaylie, are both planning to marry the man of their dreams in a double wedding ceremony. This book takes place in the days leading up to the wedding and goes through the wedding. Danica and Lacy see their father for the first time in years and meet their sister, Lacy. There is a lot of drama involving both parents and a lot is revealed.

This book is told from Danica's point of view and it seemed to focus on her insecurities more than anything. There is the hint of a few new romances that seem to be blooming in the days around the wedding but we don't get more than just a hint. I will be honest and tell you that I really wanted to see more of those romances. I was really surprised by the lack of romance in this story. Yes, there were some good scenes between Blake and Danica but that wasn't the real focus. I think that Danica spent more time trying to keep the peace between everyone in her family than anything else.

B.J. Harrison did a great job with the narration. I think that he does a really nice job with all of the different character voices and is able to add a lot of emotion to his reading. He has a very pleasant voice that is easy to listen to for hours at a time. I think that his narration added to my enjoyment of this audiobook.

I think that a lot of readers will enjoy this book more than I did. I was glad to see Danica and Kaylie's stories come to a close and am looking forward to seeing more from some of these characters.

I received a copy of this audiobook from the author/publicist.

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