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At last, here's THE audio book that 21st century entrepreneurs have been waiting for - the inner-secrets of how highly successful internet capitalists make millions by knowing who to reach and how to reach them online. From viral loops to social networking to how to cut through all the cyber-clutter, Six Pixels of Separation is mandatory listening for anybody who wants to expand their business via the internet.
Six Pixels of Separation is the first book to unify the concepts of Personal Branding, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship in a clear, fun and provocative manner. By using case studies, this audio book offers a complete set of tools, tactics and insights to empower individuals to reach a global audience and consumer base with a few clicks of the mouse, and almost all of them for free.
Digital marketing expert Mitch Joel unravels the fascinating world of new marketing, with a brand new perspective. Entrepreneurs are leveraging the digital channels to get their voice "out there," connecting to similar others, becoming better community citizens and, ultimately, making more money and rocketing their personal and business lives into the stratosphere.
The trick is, Personal Brands are becoming bigger than corporate brands - and in Six Pixels of Separation listeners will begin to understand the "how" and "why" of how certain entrepreneurs have mastered the internet to propel their businesses.

Business & Personal Finance
Mitch Joel
hr min
September 3
Gildan Audio

Customer Reviews

Minter Dial ,

Still valid!

Mitch Joel's Six Pixels of Separation was great when it came out, but it's still relevant today!!

ProdigyA ,

Excellent Book

If you are interested in using social media to increase your business presence, then this book is for you. I was able to go back to my office after listening to each section and actually implement the tools he describes--many of the tools I didn't even know existed! It was a tremendous help. I now have a blog that has already started upping my Google search ranking, use Google alerts that keep me informed of what people are saying about me (and my competition) online without me having to search for it, and my Facebook page is now the second leading link in to my business website. I'd say those are pretty impressive changes...and I only got the book six weeks ago. I definitely give this five stars.

imjazzed ,

Really Helpful

I am on my second listen, and thinking about buying the book because I can't take notes fast enough. Don't be fooled by the first part of the first chapter- by chapter 2 my brain was on fire with new ideas about how my current business marketing plan is failing to represent what I do.... and 50 ways that I can improve it with technology I am already using! This is not a book that will send you on a goose chase doing expensive stuff that doesn't really suit your industry... he lays out a plethora of possibilities with stories of how they worked for others and more ideas about how they work, opening up digital possibilities that have me very excited to get to work! Its worth every penny.

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