Sleep Affirmations - Positive Affirmations for Sleep

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Are you tired of tossing and turning in bed failing to get restful sleep? Do you find yourself wishing for improved health and mental well-being?

We program our minds every day whether we know it or not; the trick is to make this programming conscious and positive. The alternative is to be unaware that we are issuing negative affirmations to ourselves. If you have ever made a mistake and muttered “I can't ever get a good night's sleep”, you have given yourself a negative affirmation. The problem is that any negative affirmation you give enters your subconscious mind and has a harmful effect – it creates your reality. 

The beliefs that we hold are just patterns that we’ve learned and developed over the years. There are a number of things throughout our lives that play a role in shaping our beliefs. Some of these might be supporting and nurturing, while others might be roadblocks on our paths to achieving happiness. Positive affirmations are a great way to reprogram our minds with supportive and encouraging truths.

Positive affirmations can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you manifest all your desires.

When you first start to use these positive affirmations you begin to realize that you can influence your experiences in life by working on your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Positive affirmations allow you to manifest all your heart's desires by believing that what you want is indeed possible and feeling as if they were already yours. If you wish to change your life and attain everything you desire, you can use these sleep affirmations to find the restful sleep that has eluded you, until now.

Don't let anything stand in the way between you and a better night's sleep. Get this collection of sleep affirmations today and start sleeping better tonight!

Marc Trulove
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December 13
Bethany Taylor