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The Remingtons are a series of stand-alone romances that may also be enjoyed as part of the larger Love in Bloom series.

In Slope of Love....

Olympic gold medalist skiers Jayla Stone and Rush Remington have been best friends for years. They've seen each other at their best and worst and have kept each other's secrets without fail. Only there's one secret Rush has kept close to his chest. After months of introspection, Rush realizes he's been filling his bed but not tending to his heart. He's changed his womanizing ways, and the only woman who can fill his heart has been right by his side all this time.

Years of intimate conversations and the sharing of hopes and dreams collide when Rush reveals his secret, and one toe-curling kiss changes everything between Rush and Jayla. They're no match for the passion that kiss ignites, or the pull of true love. But being Rush's best friend means knowing all about his revolving bedroom door - and Jayla has a secret of her own that could jeopardize her career and her relationship with Rush. Even their love may not be enough to overcome Rush's past or secure Jayla's future.

B.J. Harrison
hr min
April 28
Melissa Foster

Customer Reviews

Susan D's Reviews ,

A Wonderful Friends to Lovers Romance

Melissa Foster and B.J. Harrison has done it again. I give it 5 stars for everything. I love a good friends to lovers romance, and Melissa Foster has done a beautiful job with Rush and Jayla. She made it so real, that you could feel Jayla's pain, both physically and emotionally, as a result of her shoulder injury, and being an olympic skier. Then, there is Rush, a real ladies man, that has found that he has fallen in love with his best friend. This is not an easy path, but I love both of them, and their story. All of Melissa's words then come to life through B.J. Harrison. His voice is one that I could listen to all day. It just pulls you into the story. It does not matter if it is a female or male character when B.J. Harrison is the narrator. I give them both 5+ stars.

Torinolvr ,

Love a good friends to lovers

Rush Remington and Jayla Stone have been friends since they were kids. Jayla has always had a secret crush on Rush. Rush has finally realized that he is in love with Jayla. This book was wonderful because of all the history the couple has.Melissa, great job once again!!
BJ Harrison did a great job with the narration.

Kirsten Ellen ,

A Rush of Emotions

WOW!!! Another GREAT 'Love In Bloom' Book!! The Friendship between Rush & Jayla is one of those PRICELESS pieces of your life that you wish to experience with anyone...and to find that in someone you can eventually marry...to be a lover & a best friend...That is seriously Once in a Lifetime!!

It was tough to navigate from friends to lovers...and Melissa was able to capture that into words and we felt every word that was written through BJ's narration!!

Keep it up Melissa & BJ...we LOVE these guys!!!

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