Slye Temp Romantic Suspense Series Box Set: Slye Temp, Books 1-3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

The sexy new Slye Temp romantic suspense series box set of audiobooks 1-3 from New York Times best-seller Dianna Love. 

Last Chance to Run - Book 1 

Angel Farentino is running from a killer while carrying a fortune in rare coins and must avoid the law until she can prove her innocence. 

Unfortunately, she stows away on a charter plane flown by Zane Jackson who is working undercover for the DEA. 

Nowhere Safe - Book 2 

A faceless stalker threatens to kill anyone who helps Trish Jackson play a twisted game of life-and-death chess, but Josh Carrington, the new guy on the DEA task force, suspects Trish’s brother of criminal activity, so Josh pushes his way into her world and refuses to step aside when a killer comes calling. 

Honeymoon to Die For - Book 3 

Slye Temp operative Ryder Van Dyke is facing conviction on murder charges after being framed, and only one person can help him prove his innocence - Bianca Brady, the female FBI agent who believes he's guilty and possesses damning evidence.

Adam Hanin, Stephen R. Thorne
hr min
March 1
Silver Hawk Press LLC

Customer Reviews

Heathercm2001 ,

Thrilling series with superb narration!

I loved each one of these stories the first time I read them, so I was really looking forward to checking out the audiobooks. They did not disappoint. In fact, the narration took them to a whole other level. There was even more excitement, and more suspense. I didn't even think it was possible. Dianna does a phenomenal job bringing her stories to life, and the great narration in each of these three books gives them some extra oomph. They were great for in the car. There was no way I was going to fall asleep listening to these books! I even found myself doing double takes over my shoulder to make sure no one was creeping around. I've decided I really need to do better when I am reading books in my head. I feel like I have been doing it entirely wrong. I've been very boring and dull when I should be doing it more like the narration in this wonderful series. You should check it out and see for yourself!

Crimyami ,

Amazing books to listen to!

Last Chance to Run narrated by Alan Hanin
I was pulled in by Angel and how she was forming her escape plan immediately. The story just pulls you in and you don't want to tune it out. Angel has a plan to get her boss taken in by the cops, now if she can just play it out without getting caught and killed. Dianna Love does an amazing job telling the story without you getting bored of the same 'romantic tropes' as some people call it. I also love the way Adam does our Hero. The gruff voice was previous vet who knows how to fly just got me. It's so nice to listen to while I'm driving down the road, or relaxing while waiting to pick someone up from work. I was curious to see how it would be done by a man's voice and Adam Hanin didn't disappoint at all! Kudo's Mr. Hanin and Dianna Love!

Nowhere Safe, narrated by Alan Hanin

This book had a lot of turns and twists throughout rather than all at the beginning or all at the end. Trish our heroine is being threatened and Josh is there to help untangle this complicated net that's been weaved around. It's doesn't leave a cliff hanger like some other books making you wait for another one which I do like. It's nice to be able to read it without feeling like your begging for more (though you are) There are some things left unresolved but it's nothing too bothersome. It's got humor and just enough heat to wet the appetite.

Honeymoon to Die for Narrated by Stephen R. Thorne

The third book of the Slye Temp thriller series is amazing. You're connected to the characters with how Dianna Love writes them it makes you nervous and feeling their pain when they do. She makes it feel real rather than something on a page. It's lovely to be able to enjoy the books with the way she writes them. Mr. Thorne does a good job in telling the story as well. Switching people off can be a hit or miss but I think Mr. Thorne does a good job at narrating this book for us. It's got a lot of action, humor, heat and just makes things seem really real with the arguments that happens between family and everything in life just hitting you. I most definitely enjoyed this book.

As a whole I have enjoyed the box set Audio book. It's been a real treat to sit here and listen to the stories and see how it flows. I've been slowly getting into more audiobooks as of late and I'm happy I was able to enjoy this set of books by Dianna Love!