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Home prices are too high.

Buying a home is the pinnacle of adulthood, but as we all aware, home ownership isn’t exactly easy to navigate, especially for younger folks. Unless you’re completely debt-free, get help from parents, and disciplined enough to live below your means to save money, buying your first home in the future can seem more like a fantasy than an actual possibility.

In The First Time Home Buying Guide, we will be mainly focus on why and how to save up our money to have the down payment for our first home purchase, so we can be prepared when there is a home buying opportunity in the future.

What is a down payment?

A down payment is a big sum of money you need when buying a home. You may borrow money from the bank in the form of a home loan or mortgage, but a portion of the total cost must come directly from you. The down payment acts as an insurance of sorts for your lender. 

It is not just about how to save, but why you should save.

As we all know, there’s a correlation between inflation and home prices. If we don’t save up now, the global home price will slowly keep going up. Now is the time to be prepared and save up, so when there’s home price correction underway, you will have the purchasing power to own a home.

The truth is that we all know how to save, but most of us are not aware of the reason why we need to save, and that becomes problematic. In this book, we will go in depth on this topic. We will also be sharing unique ways to save up for a down payment and ways to save a lot faster than an average person. 

This is what you are about to discover:

Why is saving so important in general?
Why is it important to own your home, rather than rent?
Budgeting and keeping track of your spending
Extreme ways to save fast
The important things you should know before buying a home

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Don't gamble on the future.

Michael Campobasso
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January 7
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