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I watch lots of aspiring real estate wholesaling professionals struggle for years. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's very obvious to me why they struggle. The profession is primarily driven by simple marketing skill set. However, simple often doesn't mean easy, especially without the secrets I reveal in this audiobook, Smart Real Estate Wholesaling

Sure, there are tons of other real estate wholesaling guides out in the marketplace. This audiobook is quite different. If you are looking for real estate wholesaling contracts, I can get you that easily. But that's not the secrets to winning big time in the game. 

If you are a beginner, you are also in the best position to learn what you will discover here because you haven't learned the bad habits yet. However, I often find some would rather learn the bad stuff and discover they don't work; then they can appreciate the three secrets I reveal in this audiobook, Smart Real Estate Wholesaling

The gurus are pumping tons of newbies into the game daily. The last thing you want to do is do the same tactics and strategies they will all go after. Typically, they will pick one of these five strategies: direct mailing, driving for dollars, door-knocking, cold-calling, or street bandit signs. I am not saying these strategies don't work; they definitely don't work as well as they did back in 2005, when I launched my own real estate wholesaling business. 

Here is a quick example. Back then, I hung 100 pieces of signs twice, totaling 200 signs. The result of that was hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate transactions, and they lasted for years. Today, the gurus advise you should hang 100 signs per week. Why? They don't work as well as they did. Also, the city enforcement code do not like those signs, so they remove them, not to talk of you possibly receiving a violation ticket as well. More importantly, that money you are spending can be better used on cheap, modern-age, simple marketing strategies that I share with you in this audiobook, Smart Real Estate Wholesaling

This is not an audiobook on how to start real estate wholesaling. You can learn those easily on free YouTube videos. In this audiobook, you will learn wholesaling real estate step-by-step how to set up the three pillars that will attract all the prospects you need on autopilot. 

Unfortunately, lots of people come into the game with the salary mindset. This is a business and not a job. Cutting-edge marketing strategies are required in order to thrive in it. You have to use hacks or else you will get drowned by the deep-pocket big gurus. 

Smart real estate wholesaling is about working smarter than you are working hard. Chances are you already work hard by default. You will discover smarter strategies than the old school five.

Business & Personal Finance
Ola Tux Abitogun
hr min
August 7
myEmpirePRO LLC

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