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Lucky you.... You are caught in the middle of a high conflict divorce court and custody battle. Or...a court disaster. A train wreck, if you will. You are confused. You are gaslit. You are terrified. Hold onto the seat of your pants.... If you thought the relationship with a sneaky and diabolical narcissist was bad - the messy divorce and custody battle and aftermath is much, much worse. No fear though - J.B. Snow is here!

If you are in the midst of a high conflict divorce or custody battle with a narcissist, you need to listen to J.B. Snow’s divorce court series. In the other books, we show you how to be likable in court so that you can gain a better edge in the battle against the narcissist. We show you how to negotiate and work with attorneys. We show you how to game the system and survive the battle emotionally so that you won’t fall into a ball of dribbling misery while you are navigating the contentious divorce and custody environment that your ex has created.

In book 14, we discuss the hacks and tools that the narcissist will use in divorce court and custody battles to throw you off kilter. Book 15 talks about how the narcissist throws his children off-kilter in the form of parental alienation syndrome against the other parent. He gaslights them to the point that they don’t know what is real and what is not real. He disorients his children and pushes their boundaries. He blurs the lines for them between what is healthy and unhealthy. The children seek approval naturally from their parent, but they are left with a parent who has no ability to attune to them or guide them to adulthood in any meaningful way.

Book 16 (this book) will teach you the malevolent tactics that the guardian ad litem will use in court to get your children away from you. Some of these tactics are enhanced by what the narcissist himself is doing against you. Some of them are enhanced by the narcissist’s attorney (who likely has a great working relationship with the malevolent guardian ad litem that might be on your case). Not all guardian ad litems are bad - some of them are fair and are working under the constraints are family law.

But some of you are unlucky enough to get a rogue and power-hungry and malevolent (probably narcissistic, sociopathic or psychopathic) guardian ad litem who cares more about winning a case and garnering popularity with the other court personnel than he or she cares about your child or you maintaining a relationship with your children after the court case is over with. Even worse, the guardian ad litem might be drawing out your custody and court battle (giving the children to an unfit parent knowing that the fit parent will continue fighting for the children for 18 years).

Bobby Pierce
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June 19
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