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For the last ten years psychologist Sam Gosling has been studying how people project (and protect) their inner selves. By exploring our private worlds (desks, bedrooms, even our clothes and our cars), he shows not only how we showcase our personalities in unexpected—and unplanned—ways, but also how we create personality in the first place, communicate it to others, and interpret the world around us. Gosling, one of the field’s most innovative researchers, dispatches teams of scientific snoops to poke around dorm rooms and offices, to see what can be learned about people simply from looking at their stuff. What he has discovered is astonishing: when it comes to the most essential components of our personalities, the things we own and the way we arrange them often say more about us than even our most intimate conversations.

David Drummond
hr min
May 27
Blackstone Audio

Customer Reviews

Paul Dirac ,

Inspiration to Public Academics

I have continued to listen to this for a few days now. It is very interesting stuff. I love the connection of scientific research and ordinary life. I have even used some of the techniques in real life....

I am an academic also so Gosling's work is an inspiration to those of us who like public scholarship....

Hikers304 ,

Great Book

The author states a few times that the concepts in the book are obvious....after they've been explained. That seems pretty accurate, because not much of the information was a surprise (although some of it was), but I never would have thought of it on my own. You'll be able to look around the office and be able to figure out more about your co-workers than they may want you to. What's the difference between a tattoo on your back and one on your forearm? If you try to manipulate things so that you appear to be something you're not, does that actually even say more about what you're really like? Excellent book.

rquail ,

Definitely geared toward younger people (like in their 20's).

Not as in-depth as I would have liked.

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