Sober on a Drunk Planet: 3 Sober Steps. An Uncommon Guide to Stop Drinking and Master Your Sobriety (Quit Lit Series) (Unabridged‪)‬

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How many times have you told yourself, "never again"? If it's more than you can remember, then keep listening....

Maybe you've been stuck in a negative feedback loop of drink > hangover > regret > repeat and have had enough of the damaging effects of alcohol.

Sean Alexander provides powerful insights from his time in rehab, working the 12-step program, and his professional experience gained as a qualified therapist, strength coach In 3 Sober Steps, you will discover:

How to become self-aware and why this is the key to understanding your relationship with alcohol
Why dreams without goals are just dreams and how setting goals is the key to finding purpose beyond the bottle
How to take action toward goals and the shocking truth about motivation
Why building intuition will help master your sobriety and how to build it for the long term
How to understand cravings and triggers and how to combat them in any given situation
Why emotions are the portal to a happy life and how to master your emotions to avoid relapsing
How to move past resentment and why becoming present is the most powerful tool you can use
Why your ego is shielding your actual reality and how it can stop you from staying sober
How old ways won't open new doors and how to create a new alcohol-free life
Why exercise and gut health can help you stay sober and how improving your gut-brain axis is key to a happy life
How to understand your vibrational energy and why you will want to protect it at all costs
Why you will want to stay sober on a drunk planet and how doing so will elevate your life
And much more.

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