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Social Media. You've heard the term, even if you don't use the tools. But just how big has social media become? Social media has officially surpassed pornography as the top activity on the Internet. People would rather give up their email than their social network. It is so powerful that it is causing a macro shift in the way we live and conduct business.
Brands can now be strengthened or destroyed by the use of social media. Online networking sites are being used as giant, free focus groups. Advertising is less effective at influencing consumers than the opinions of their peers. If you aren't using social media in your business strategy, you are already behind your competition. In Socialnomics, you will learn:
How the concept of "Socialnomics" is changing the way businesses produce, market, and sell, eliminating inefficient marketing and middlemen, and making products easier and cheaper for consumers to obtain
How successful businesses are connecting with consumers like never before via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites
How to harness the power of social media, rather than being squashed by it
Author Erik Qualman is a former online marketer for several Top 100 brands and is currently the global vice president of Online Marketing for the world's largest private education firm.

Socialnomics is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand the implications of social media, and how businesses can tap the power of social media to increase their sales, cut their marketing costs, and reach consumers directly.

Business & Personal Finance
Nick Sullivan
hr min
September 21
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Customer Reviews

marchrain ,

It's valuable with some qualifiers

I've read one review so far where a proclaimed social media expert picked a bone regarding the facts in this book. Sure -- there may be some generalizations -- Qualman kindly responded to his critic, and even asks for criticism from the get-go of this recording . . .. but let me say this much: As a newly cristened greyhair that will live out my years as a Gen-X-er born in '68 , ahead of my same-age peers in my ability to embrace new technology, but still someone hoping to get a better, final handle on social media, this book was rewarding in its simplicity and its illustrations of where status-quo big business has failed in huge, obvious, big-white-elephant-in-the-room ways to embrace the new culture. These examples are everything I want to avoid in my own new-world endeavors. I received more than enough of the guidance I had desired to find by DL'ing this audio book. As far as specifically speaking about the audio book experience available here, I want to touch on an issue that is worthy of criticism -- especially in consideration of the warts-and-all advocacy our writer asks for in this new age; an ability to be genuine in business, etc. -- This is a horribly read audio book. The reader is an automaton. Extremely mailing it in. Spending 8 hours with him was excruciating. In light of the changing world we live in -- how folks are listening to more books than they are reading these days -- perhaps Socialnomic's publisher and author (and publishers and authors everywhere) should take the production and talent-hire for audio transcriptions a little more seriously. Even so, I still give this one 4 stars.

dxfilo ,

Great content but painful to listen to.

I think the book is great but the narrator is horrible. Nick Sullivan does a terrible job communicating the stories in the the book. The narrator sounds robotic and he doesn't have a natural flow.

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