Sociology 101: How Social Forces Shape Our Lives

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Across the nation, Americans are undergoing an intense period of self-examination. How are our identities and behaviors shaped by the groups to which we belong? How can we reach past our own biases to better understand others? The study of sociology can help us answer these questions, making us better citizens in the process.

In 21 engrossing lectures, sociology professor Alicia Simmons (Ph.D., Stanford), shows you how to use scientific theories and methods to understand the social world. Later, you’ll learn how culture, socialization, social structures, patterns of interaction, and consequences of social deviance inform our decisions and actions.

You’ll also explore the structures of inequality that shape American society. How are categories such as class, gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity created and reproduced by society, and how do these designations correspond with people’s life chances? You’ll look at social institutions, focusing on large-scale social systems that profoundly impact individuals’ lives. Last, a section on social change describes how social landscapes shift, as well as how they stay the same.

Throughout, Professor Simmons encourages you to investigate your own social boundaries, discovering the degree to which social forces impact your own behavior.

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Science & Nature
Alicia Simmons
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July 6

Customer Reviews

A Josephs ,

What I Was Looking For

I was just looking for something to use my mind while being home, and this scratched that itch. Prof. Simmons was easy to listen to and made the topic understandable.

Dingsee ,

One of the best presenters I've ever heard.

Prof. Simmons's students are lucky indeed. She is an incredibly engaging speaker--clearly in command of her subject while being funny and relatable. The central metaphor of Lemon Grove Plaza works well to demonstrate how much our behavior differs depending on where we are and who we are with. Her observation that "we have free will, but we don't use it" has stayed with me! The finding that most who study sociology hope to use it to solve the world's problems is heartening. I'm glad that someone as skilled as Prof. Simmons has turned her attentions to some of our nation's most pressing problems. Can't wait to hear more from her.

jgh3115 ,

Great Intro to Sociology

I came into this course knowing next to nothing about sociology. I am surprised at how much I ended up learning while listening to Prof. Simmons. She covers the classic topics like class, race, gender, sexual orientation and also branches into more niche areas like how people’s intellectual orienations differ and how social interactions impact our emotional states. Every thing she says is grounded in science and rigorous research. This is really a great program delivered by a highly-qualified presenter.

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