Sociopath and Psychopath: The Worst of Both Worlds (Unabridged‪)‬

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How about other friends and associates? Have you been introduced to their family? Perhaps you can't understand why someone who is so lovely and charming, and who you consider to be a wonderful human being, has such few friends. Maybe this is because the ones that came before you have already experienced their other side.

If you question this, you will discover that sociopaths are natural liars. You'll be told how terribly wrong their previous partner treated them, or how their entire family was taken out in a single tragic accident, and that's why they are alone. There are ways to independently investigate such grandiose claims. If you're suspicious, do not take anything at face value.

Along a similar line, watch out for anyone who tries to isolate you from your own friends and support groups. Sociopaths like to remove you from any other support so that you don't have the ability to pull back or have someone else removed from such situation, or even point out to you just how strange your new boyfriend is. Despite how glib and charming they may first appear, sociopaths are actually often socially immature when it comes to the core of it. They can be extremely selfish and needy to the point of obsession. If you've confirmed that someone you know is a sociopath, then it's best to simply avoid that individual as much as possible.

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Ken Maxon
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January 11
We Can't Be Beat LLC

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ll.Timothy ,

Education is knowledge and knowledge is Power

I was truly in love with the mask. 8 out of 10 years before the filling this girl was deferent than any other I had known and not in a good way. That's when I started seeking knowledgeable answers. This book is where I first started, and wish someone would have recommended to me way earlier in my life, honestly I feel like my high school failed me by keeping this information from us right before we started into are adult life's. Before this book and before meeting the monster that slept in my bed. We were all raised up being thought to believe that everyone is created equal and everyone is the same. That is a LIE the truth is, There are two types of people actually, The Sheep's & The Wolves, The Victims & The Predators, THE RIGHTEOUS & THE WICKED. My advice is do what I did after buying this audio book, after I completed the book I passed it down to my 16 year old daughter and after she finished she passed it down to her 14 year old sister, 17 audiobooks later in are collection and we are living a happy toxic free life from my x sociopath and they have the knowledge they need to protect there hearts and lives from evil scandalous toxic individuals

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