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The Wicked Years continue in Gregory Maguire’s Son of a Witch—the heroic saga of the hapless yet determined young man who may or may not be the offspring of the fabled Wicked Witch of the West. A New York Times bestseller like its predecessor, the remarkable Wicked, Son of a Witch follows the boy Liir on his dark odyssey across an ingeniously re-imagined and nearly unrecognizable Land of Oz—a journey that will take him deep into the bowels of the , lately abandoned by the Wizard, and into the jaws of dragons. At once a grim fairy tale and an uplifting adventure, Son of a Witch is a true wonder.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gregory Maguire
hr min
September 27

Customer Reviews

MichBev ,

Good book; terrible narration

I have to second Sam R's opinion of Maguire as a narrator of his own work. It was absolutely terrible, so much so that I just didn't want to listen anymore (and I spend hours every day in traffic with audiobooks as my salvation). Maguire's pacing and pronunciation are terrible--and one would think the author would now the tempo of his own sentences. His attempts at voices are ackward and limited, and he often continues a character voice back into the narration. Seems like no one was editing this performance. I'm going back to reading the book instead.

♀:::r0ck&r0ll™:::♪ ,

Wicked vs. Son of a Witch

This was a good book to read on a rainy day or if your waiting in the airport for your flight or when you've drowned yourself in coffee after a bad day and have to get your mind of of it. But I can't read it for the pleasure of it like the way I read Wicked. When I read Wicked I actually tried to read it anytime I could read it but when I read Son of a Witch I read it when I was bored or when I had nothing else to do. Also, Son of a Witch is a guy's book about guy issues and problems which also made it hard to read. In Wicked I could relate more to the main character (Elphaba). And finally! I felt that Liir put himself down too much and didn't give himself enough credit. In Wicked, Elphaba was a strong and smart character that was inspiring. So I prefer Wicked over Son of a Witch.

toddie63 ,

Son of a Witch

I have both read and listened to Son of a Witch and although I can say that I enjoyed the listening more, both were wonderful. Son of a Witch is just as captivating as Wicked and filled with even more suppense. Lets all face it, we know the ultimate fate of the Wicked Witch of the West. Questions about Liir's future kept my head phones on until my ears were red. I especially appreciated Gregory Maguire as the narrator. It is always a treat to hear a writer read his or her own work.

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