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 Spanish is the most widely spoken Romance language, with more than 400 million native speakers all over the world. It is the official language in 21 countries including Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina, and Equatorial Guinea. It is the most popular second language in the United States and Europe. The large population of Spanish speakers around the world in four continents and beyond makes it a smart choice for a second language. 

The fast and steady growth of the Spanish speaking population has made Spanish a necessity in business.

Knowing Spanish is particularly advantageous if you’re in the healthcare or education sector. The globalization trend has made it possible to tap this vast and fast growing market segment. 

If you’re looking for job opportunities worldwide, having Spanish in your résumé will certainly confer definite advantages over those who are monolingual. If you have plans of travelling to Spanish-speaking regions, the ability to understand and speak the language will make your trip a truly enriching experience. 

If this is your first time to learn a Romance language, you can use this knowledge to easily learn other related languages. 

The book Spanish for Beginners was designed to help you learn Spanish and bridge the communication gap in as fast as one week. It was written with the self-learner in mind and organised to help listeners understand and speak the language confidently within a short span of time. This learning material will prove that by identifying the most important features of a language and by applying proven techniques and strategies to language learning, anyone can master the basics of the language and use this knowledge base to start speaking confidently and properly in Spanish in as little as seven days. 

This book highlights the important features of the Spanish language in the areas of grammar, pronunciation, syllabication, sentence formation, and communication.  

Here what you'll learn after buying this Spanish for Beginners audiobook:  

Chapter 1: Learning Strategies
Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Spanish 
Chapter 3: Numbers, Colors, Time, and Date 
Chapter 4: Nouns and Articles
Chapter 5: Pronouns 
Chapter 6: Verbs 
Chapter 7: Adjectives 
Chapter 8: Prepositions, Adverbs, and Conjunctions 
Chapter 9: Forming sentences 
Chapter 10: The Subjunctive & Imperative Mood 
Chapter 11: Making comparisons 
Chapter 12: Conversational phrases 
And much more! 

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Zac Aleman
hr min
December 10
White Flower Publishing