Spanked On Saturday Our Ritual: How I Get Spanked to a Mind Blowing Sensual Orgasm (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $5.99

Publisher Description

This short story opens the door to romance, sex, and true love and describes how older women can enjoy deep and satisfying sexual ecstasy no matter their age, sexual preferences, or fetishes. It features a loving, mature, married couple who moved to the country when their children 'flew the nest' and developed a wonderful ritual of erotic spanking, caning, and satisfying sex that completely reignited the sexual and intimate part of their marriage. They call it the "SOS" or "Sex on Saturday" ritual.

After 48 years in a loving marriage, this couple finds great joy, pleasure, and indescribable sexual satisfaction in a weekly ritual that will excite you just reading the description. You'll definitely want to follow their Special Ritual. 

Although in her late 60s, the very sexy, mature lady reaches quite exquisite heights of orgasm from being spanked by her husband, who follows with the belt and cane. Painful it may seem for some, but this lady finds extreme sexual ecstasy in their "Saturday Ritual". 

Such is her love of being spanked that it has formed the main part of a Weekly "Saturday Ritual", which has become a secret and sacred passionate affair, keeping their very obvious deep, loving relationship on a high sensual plain for almost 50 years of married bliss. 

Sarah tries to trace the source of this love of being spanked and relives some of her more painful childhood and teenage experiences. She briefly recalls the more vivid memories that she thinks changed her life and formed her sexual appetite and preferences. 

The story takes us right up to the present day and explains the very close and loving relationship that she has had with her best friend from her days at infant school. 

This is a nice, short, yet erotic story of what happens behind closed doors and within the confines of a long and loving marriage and a true life-long friendship.

Steffi Medrano
hr min
April 2
Sarah Sullivan