Speaker for the Dead

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The thrilling sequel to Ender's Game and winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards—this full cast unabridged recording includes an original postscript written and recorded by author Orson Scott Card.

Three thousand years have passed since Ender Wiggin won humanity's war with the Buggers by totally destroying them. Ender remains young, traveling the stars at the speed of relativity, but a hundred years or more might pass on Earth while he experiences a month-long voyage. In three thousand years, Ender's books The Hive Queen and The Hegemon, written under a pseudonym, have become holy writ, while the name of Ender itself has become anathema: he is the Xenocide, the one who killed an entire race of thinking, feeling beings, killed the only other sapient race humankind had found in all the galaxy.

The only ones, that is, until the planet called Lusitania was discovered and colonized. The discovery was seen as a gift to humanity, a chance to redeem the destruction of the Buggers. This time, the Starways Congress vowed, there would be no tragic misunderstanding leading to war. But once again men die, killed by the aliens in a rite no one understands. Ender, now known only as the Speaker for the Dead, comes to Lusitania to speak for those who have died and discovers that in order to tell the truth about them, he must unravel the secrets of Lusitania.

Speaker for the Dead, the second novel in The Ender Saga, is the winner of the 1986 Nebula Award for Best Novel and the 1987 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
David Birney
hr min
April 1
Macmillan Audio

Customer Reviews

B-rad (AR) ,


After I read Enders Game, I didnt think I would find a book to top it. I simply loved Enders Game. I figured if Speaker for the Dead was half as good as Enders Game I would be happy. This book completely took me by surprise, It is an amazing, thought provoking book. I love how it is narrated with different people, it helps set differnt characters apart in a very good way. If you liked Enders Game, I strongly suggest you get this audiobook its simply awesome!

Tephladon ,

Powerful Redemption

This is a powerful piece of work. Aside from the religious and spiritual overtones in this tale, there is a profound racial and social description embedded here that I think would change based on one's racial background and or bias. It's not incriminating but transformative. This element exists in the humans themselves as an aside from the aliens. It's a deep undertone that left me pleasantly surprised. While I'm not a religious person I further admired the deep contemplation that represents spirituality, faith, life and society found in this book. This is a great read. In a world where modern media cannot satisfy my own growing subtly of thought, I'm happy good authors are still prevelant to feed that literary hunger.

Penniwyse ,

A different path

I decided to give this book a 3 rating for a couple of reasons:
1) this is the third book I've listened to, the first two being Game and Shadow, and the audio is off on this one. The treble is too sharp and the s's, c's and ch's are heard piercingly over everything else. I was forced to turn the sound down in my car so as to not be constantly assaulted.
2) the story itself is on a different playing field than Game and Shadow. It was not the fast paced, ever moving novel I had become accustomed to. Though it was a good story, it reminded me a bit of Stephen King here and there in that if excess plot development were water, I would have drowned. It felt more like a set up for Xenocide (which I have not read as of yet), rather than a stand alone.

I look very much forward to the books about Peter and Bean, as I have heard they are more to the style of Enders Game and Enders Shadow.

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