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Listen "live" to one of the most iconic orators of all time in this packed-full collection of Martin Luther King Jr. speeches. King's rich and passionate style of delivery will transport you back to the era of the civil-rights movement, when King advocated non-violent resistance in the pursuit of equality and dignity, not only for blacks but for all mankind. Seldom has any leader since inspired and captivated an audience worldwide and motivated a nation to action.

Although tragically assassinated at a young age, the words and wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. live on through his acclaimed and mesmerizing speeches, such as "I Have a Dream". "The Mountaintop", "Letter from Birmingham Jail", "March on Washington", and many, many more, including:

Address Concluding the Selma to Montgomery - 03-25-1965
All Here and Now - 06-17-1966
American Dream - Lincoln University - 06-06-1961
t Southern Seminary in 1961 - Beyond Vietnam -A Time to Break Silence - 04-04-1967
Central Park - 04-05-1968
Compilation: Creative Protest Eulogy - Robert F. Kennedy - 04-04-1968
Guidelines for a Constructive Church - 06-05-1966
I Have a Dream - March for Jobs - Washington - 08-28-1963
I've Been to the Mountaintop - 04-03-1968
Knock at Midnight - 08-27-1967
Life and Spirit: Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated; Nobel Peace Prize - 12-10-1964
On Malcolm X; Peace On Earth - 12-24-1967
Prophetic Last Speech - 1968; Reaction to JFK Assassination; Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution; The American Dream - 07-04-1965
The Bennet College Speech 1958; The Better the Dilemma and the Challenge - Los Angeles - California - 06-17-1962
The Drum Major Instinct - 02-04-1968
The Great March to Freedom - Detroit - 06-23-1963
The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life - 02-28-1960
Unfulfilled Dreams - 03-03-1968
Unjust Evil and Futile; War Where Do We Go From Here - 08-16-1967
Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam - Speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
...and many more

Martin Luther King Jr.
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February 15

Customer Reviews

Doulos1066 ,

Excels in quanity, but could be better.

This is an incredible collection. I loved listening to this much King. However there are two major criticisms. One, the speeches are not in chronological order. Dr. King died at least three times. If the speeches were arranged from first to last, it would be twice as good. Two, there is no reference to what you are actually listening to, unless it was mentioned in the audio. I found myself googling constantly. It would be ten times as good if there was a brief label introduction to each audio segment.

Yochanan7000 ,

dont believe what they about the speeches.

I purchased this believing that it will include all of the great speeches of mlk, i did not this audio is about 15 minutes long and it doest include i have a dream speech, or his last speech that he made before his death. this is a sad waste of time and money, dont purchase this.

Brian Adkins ,


I'm not sure what the previous review was about... maybe there was a problem with the file. This audio book is actually almost 8 HOURS of King's speeches. And it's worth every penny.

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