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A man obsessed with his own death, a sleep-deprived husband, a violently jealous teenager, and a businesswoman on a lethal trip to Europe are just a few of the characters from Billy Hanson's dark vision of the world in Spider Season. Here, the danger looms within every stranger, co-worker, close friend, family member, and often within your own mind. This chilling collection explores the shadowy corners of the human psyche, where delusion, rage, and paranoia can thrive.

Spider Season is the debut collection by Billy Hanson. Deeply haunting and immensely enjoyable, these stories are sure to leave you wide-eyed and breathing heavily.

Stories include: "Light Sleeper", "The Clearing", "The End of Edgar Wren", "She Was Perfect", "Paris with the Lights Turned Low", "Music from the Gun Room", and "Everyone Else Is Asleep".

Various Authors
hr min
November 28
Dirigo Entertainment

Customer Reviews

Victor Dima ,

Thrilling, Chilling and Very Entertaining

Last week I received for review Spider Season, a short stories collection by writer and filmmaker Billy Hanson, and I dove right into the audiobook although it was almost midnight. After 10 minutes with the first story, Light Sleeper, I stood up in bed, pulled my earpods out and hit stop. I resumed the audiobook the next day, with the sun shining and the drapes wide open.

As you might have guessed, Spider Season is a collection of short stories in the horror genre, but the subjects are leaning more towards the psychological thriller area. There are seven such awesome stories, each of them with their own characters, setting and atmosphere, and all are great, thrilling, chilling, entertaining and scary as hell.

Besides Light Sleeper I tremendously enjoyed The Clearing, Music from the Gun Room and Everyone Else is Asleep, the last two being performed by the author himself. The rest of this collection is also good, but I wanted to tell you about these favorites of mine, because I’m still thinking of them after I have finished the audiobook. The characters were very well developed and the plot lines were more then interesting.

One other thing that I appreciated is the fact that Mr. Billy Hanson also produced the audiobook and composed the music for it. I really hold in high esteem all the authors involved in the production of their audiobooks. Mr. Hanson and all of the other narrators involved in this production are clearly professionals and all the stories are excellently performed. All the characters come to life, the level of immersion is complete and the atmosphere is just perfect!

As you may know already, I’m not into short stories, actually, this is my second collection that I’ve listened to from the beginning to the end, and I’m glad I accepted the challenge. Now, after more than 6 hours spent in the company of the rich characters created by Mr. Hanson, all that I can say is: I hope you’ll take the plot from The Clearing, expand it, and write a thrilling novel. I will keep an eye out for any new releases from Billy Hanson.

From the man that awakes in the middle of the night drenched in sweat after he hears strange sounds in the house, to the cursed clearing in the woods, to a person so obsessed by the way he will die, to the first days of a unhealthy relationship, to a beautiful and smart Business woman fearing for her life in Paris and at the end from a father remembering deeply buried secrets when his son shows him an object from the past, all these stories and characters are unique and will stay with you and haunt you for a long, long time…

Fans of Stephen King, Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury should find Spider Season by Billy Hanson more than satisfying and very entertaining!