Spy: A Thriller (Alex Hawke, Book 4) (Unabridged‪)‬

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"A border ain't nothing but a law drawn in the sand." So says a small-town Texas sheriff in Ted Bell's most gripping espionage thriller to date.

Things along America's southern border are rapidly reaching the boiling point. American girls are being snatched from their homes, ranches are burning, and the number of deadly confrontations along the Mexican boarder grows daily.

At night, armed Mexican troops cross the border at will in support of narcotics smugglers and illegal immigrants. By day, Americans take up arms and plan reprisals. An all-out border war is no longer inconceivable. It's happening!

On assignment for the British Secret Service, a man leads a mysterious expedition into the heart of darkness. Sailing up the furthest reaches of the Amazon River, he is captured by a brutal tribe of indigenous cannibals.

Forced into slave labor, he witnesses the unimaginable. Golden domes and minarets rise beneath the rainforest canopy. Vast terror armies are being recruited and trained in the jungle. Their goal: a vicious jihad that will unite one continent...and destroy another. They possess weapons only dreamed of by the Western allies. Somehow he must escape his captors and live to tell his tale.

With tensions on its southern border threatening to ignite into war, America must look to the one man who might be able to confront the demons in the jungle...and destroy them.

Alex Hawke, with the aid of brilliant Scotland Yard Inspector Ambrose Congreve, and an unstoppable force of nature named Stokely Jones, begins a river journey fraught with peril. Hawke once again takes listeners right to that thin border between fear and overwhelming terror. It's merely a line drawn in the sand. Cross it at your peril.

Cross it if you dare.

Mysteries & Thrillers
John Shea
hr min
June 26
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Breacher ,


I was looking for a new author and found Ted Bell and this series. The entire series has storng characters, great dialogue and the narrator is the best I've ever heard. If you want a can't put it down book and series, jump on this and you won't be disappointed

KCMeNut ,

Great Read

Spy was an excellent addition to the Alex Hawke saga. I've been hooked on Ted Bell since the first page of Assassin. If there is any negative criticism I can give about this book is that Assassin and Pirate in my opinion had more action and where a little harder to put down.

jwilso ,

Spy:an Alex Hawke Thriller

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook and went on to purchase all the other books in the Alex Hawke series. Great characters, lots of action and John Shea does a wonderful job as narrator. I was especially pleased that Shea is the voice on all the Ted Bell books. I look forward to more audiobooks in the future.

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