SQL: The Practical Beginners Guide to Learn SQL Coding, Languages and Statements in One Day Step by Step with Effective Computer Programming Tips. (Python, Linux, Arduino, Java, C++) (Unabridged‪)‬

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Are you looking for a dynamic, workable, and stable programming language to start your coding journey? Do you want to kick-start your career into data management and learn how to create and manipulate complex databases?

If you want to learn how to program flexible and powerful databases using SQL quickly and effectively and take your programming skills to the next level, then keep reading...

In the era of information technology and ballooning amounts of data, the ability to organize and make sense of data has become a priceless skill to have, especially if you're a programmer. SQL is the perfect language to achieve this goal, as it has well-defined standards, doesn't need a lot of coding, keeps your stuff organized, and have been around for a long time.

In this guide, you're going to be guided through database and table manipulation techniques with a structured, beginner-friendly approach. From basic database queries to advanced concepts, you're going to discover everything you need to know about becoming an SQL power user.

Here's only a snippet of what you're going to uncover in this guide:

Everything you need to know about Structured Query Language (SQL), from A to Z
Why  SQL is the perfect language for beginners coding to create and interact with databases
How to get started with SQL and step-by-step instructions to install MySQL on your computer
Step-by-step instructions to write your very first piece of code with MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and SSH Command Line
How to create your first database in SQL according to your database needs
Basic and advanced database manipulation instructions to help you delete a database, rename a database, back up your database, and more
A comprehensive guide to control flow tools to help you carry out advanced business logic using MySQL
Common mistakes that beginners in SQL make and how to fix them
And tons more!

Whether you're completely new to programming and are looking for a gentler way to get started or you're a web developer, software engineer, database administrator or Microsoft Office user looking to improve your knowledge of SQL, this guide will definitively help you hit the ground running in no with this powerful language.

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