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The sequel to the bestselling Star Trek Memories, documenting in deliciously lurid and candid detail all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans in the making of the six Star Trek movies, with on-the-scene reporting from the set of the seventh in which...Kirk dies!

Star Trek Movie Memories recounts all the chaos, creative turmoil, backstage politics, power plays and production nightmares that permeated every one of the six Star Trek movies, including the accumulated grudges that haven't yet mellowed with the passage of time. And the stories... Nicholas Meyer writing the script for Star Trek II in twelve days... Kirstie Alley doing her Leonard Nimoy imitation in an audition... How Kirk's love interest in Star Trek IV began as a role for Eddie Murphy, and you can imagine the rest (or maybe not).

With stories and quotes from the principles that have never before been uttered in public, this will deliver a truly unprecedented behind-the-scenes view of the Trek films that will amaze even the most avid Trekker. And on top of it all, the hardcover will be published in time for the seventh film, which will present the perfect opportunity to tie the old crew and stars including Robert Wise, Ricardo Montalban, Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Plummer, Christian Slater to Patrick Stewart and the cast of The Next Generation. The torch will be passed, and William Shatner will tell us all about how it feels as his character is killed off in the film's finale.

Biographies & Memoirs
William Shatner
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January 24

Customer Reviews

Harvard444 ,

Great Insights into Star Trek and the Movie Business in General

In addition to gaining insights into the actors who portrayed charachters in the iconic Star Trek franchise, "Trekkies", who will be shocked and surprised to learn the precise details of how the Star Trek franchise came back from the dead, how Gene Roddenberry was side-lined and marginalized from his own creation and how studio executives at all times were motivated by short-term profits rather than long-term value or commitment to the Star Trek brand (they cancelled Star Trek: the Next Generation prematurely on purpose solely to reduce actors' salaries of the traditional Trek films).

Star Trek movies often stopped and started completely on the whims of executives that Shatner calls "the suits." Several movies were cancelled due to a new leadership at Paramount and were only reinstated when a new executive took to the reigns. Shatner also gives some insights into Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg (who went on to lead at Disney). This tale of egos and unfettered greed (which are common throughout the entire industry--not just at Paramount) makes an excellent read for any one who is interested in gaining the behind-the-scenes process of the "show business."

My only complaint is that William Shatner at times seems like he's rushing through the book, as if he's trying to cram as much in to this abridged edition as humanly possible. The book is great and the producers should have allowed him to do a full non-abridged edition.

Elasmo ,

Every Trek fan should read/hear this book

William Shatner does a great job putting the behind-the-scenes information from the Trek movies together in a format that is easy and fun to read. So much information and cool facts about one of, if not the greatest franchises in TV or cinema. If you enjoyed his first book about the Trek TV show, you'll really enjoy this book. I did not listen to the audio book, I read the book myself.

EnriqueH ,

Love this guy

So many interesting stories for fans of Star Trek and the man himself.

It's a treat to listen to the Shat get into the behind the scenes of what went on throughout this period of his career, such as how lived in a "tin box" right after the Trek show got cancelled or the frustrating back and forth of Star Trek: The Motion Picture's writing process.

I also enjoyed getting his thoughts of what went on during his making of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the movie he directed, which had a ton of behind the scenes drama.

A must have for fans.

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