Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice: Book 5 (Abridged‪)‬

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Civil war rages as the Galactic Alliance–led by Cal Omas and the Jedi forces of Luke Skywalker–battles a confederation of breakaway planets that rally to the side of rebellious Corellia. Suspected of involvement in an assassination plot against Queen Mother Tenel Ka of the Hapes Consortium, Han and Leia Solo are on the run, hunted by none other than their own son, Jacen, whose increasingly authoritarian tactics as head of GA security have led Luke and Mara Skywalker to fear that their nephew may be treading perilously close to the dark side. But all Jacen wants is safety and stability for all–and he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.
As the strands of destiny draw ever more tightly together in a galaxy-spanning web, the shocking conclusion will shatter two families . . . and cast a grim shadow over the future.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Marc Thompson
hr min
May 29
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Charizard4Prez ,

I'd give it 3 stars but it's got a good lightsaber fight!

Sacrifice is a solid entry in the Legacy of the Force series. Karen Traviss is an excellent writer within the Star Wars universe – I really hope she’ll be writing more soon! This novel gave us an element that’s been lacking in every Star Wars book in the timeline since the NJO began, with the exception of Denning’s Dark Nest series – good lightsaber fights! I found the battles at the end deeply satisfying, although heartbreaking. The heartbreaking element of this series isn’t new though, and personally I think it is being handled well. Jacen’s fall has been understandable as the reader is given insight to his thought process. What I liked best about Sacrifice was the fact that it really, finally advanced the plot in significant ways. I’m very interested in how each and every character is going to respond to the events of this one. This is far from my favorite SW novel, and isn’t my favorite of Traviss’s work either, but it’s well-written nonetheless and advances the plot of the series. In a galaxy full of war, sacrifices have to be made, and Traviss captures that excellently.

Arma29 ,

Great Story

Great Story but sad in the end! Hate to see Jason Solo go this way!

God of Justice ,

Best book ever

Listening to it makes me feel like I am part of the story. Highly recommend it to all Star Wars fans!

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