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Can starting a 501c3 nonprofit really ruin your life? Absolutely - if you don’t know what you’re doing!

In this accessible guide, nonprofit attorney Audrey K. Chisholm shares in plain English how to legally structure your nonprofit to avoid IRS trouble, lawsuits, financial scandals, and more!

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to start a nonprofit or who already has a nonprofit and wants to make sure they're in compliance with the I.R.S. and the law. Nonprofit founders, board members, officers, employees, volunteers, donors, and community partners can all benefit from this text.

The book includes comprehensive information and guidance designed to save each listener thousands of dollars in legal fees.

This book will share:

How to avoid I.R.S. trouble when paying yourself
How to avoid a lawsuit when choosing a name for your nonprofit
How to avoid getting kicked off your own board of directors
11 things you need to do before accepting any major donations
How to avoid financial scandals when handling money for your nonprofit
Top seven reasons nonprofits get into legal trouble and how to avoid them
How to avoid liability when fundraising for your nonprofit
How to legally structure your nonprofit to avoid I.R.S. trouble
Most important things you absolutely must know to avoid liability when recruiting volunteers
How to protect your nonprofit’s name from counterfeits and identity theff
10 things you need to do to avoid being sued personally for your nonprofit’s actions even if you’ve incorporated with the state
How to avoid losing your entire nonprofit by keeping up with annual filings
And more

Attorney Audrey K. Chisholm is the founder of Chisholm Law Firm, LLC (Chisholmfirm.com) a law firm focusing on helping professionals start nonprofits throughout the United States. She has a 100 percent success rate with her nonprofit filings, and her clients range from professionals to NFL players and a Fortune 500 company. She is also the founder of Revolution Leadership, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit that has served over 1,633 students and has awarded over 30 college scholarships for the past 17 years. She resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Dr. Juan Chisholm, and three daughters. Visit StartYourTaxExemptNonprofit.com for more information.

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