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Start Your Music Business is a simple guide for songwriters, producers, music publishers, independent record labels, artists, bands, musicians, and individuals in the music industry who want to legally start and grow a successful music business.

Written by an experienced entertainment lawyer whose clients have been featured on MTV, American Idol, and VH1, you will learn how to:

1. Understand eight different types of royalties your music should be earning through music publishing 2. How to completely own your music 3. How to completely own your masters 4. How to legally sample and cover music (why you may be breaking the law) 5. How to protect your name and logo (what to do if you illegally use someone else's) 6. How to structure your music business 7. Learn 10 ways to avoid being sued personally
You'll also discover these simple steps:

1. Understand the different types of businesses (LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and more) 2. Setup your business 3. Learn when you need to start your music business 4. Learn the difference between trademarks and copyrights 5. Learn how to apply for a trademark (do it yourself) 6. Understand copyright law and how to copyright your music 7. Learn the truth about poor man's copyrights 8. Know your rights when you co-write a song 9. How to divide song income between co-writers 10. How to properly and legally clear samples
And more!

Business & Personal Finance
Nader Nadernejad
hr min
May 29
Greenlight Books & Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Nasirmusica ,

Excellent book

This book is full of helpful information,and very important facts you have to know before entering the music business

SauxeMadeThat ,

Everything ‼️

This is my new Bible🙏🏽

jermaine james ,

Start your music business

Thank you Audrey for your contribution to the music entrepreneurship community. Your first book start your music business is a gem. I found it refreshing and most importantly up to date with most current events in distribution sales, royalties and production terminology.

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