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Learn how to invest your money the smart way.

All forms of investment share a common purpose: to provide for a better future. Stock market investing is one of the best tools you can use to build a more secure financial foundation for you and your family. However, for those of us who aren't professional stockbrokers, the process of stock market investing can seem complex and bewildering. Stock Market Investing for Beginners will arm you with the information you need to understand the basics of stock market investing, and start taking control of your financial future. Stock Marketing Investing for Beginners will take the frustration and intimidation out of stock market investing, so that you can make the investments that are right for your financial goals.

Business & Personal Finance
Kevin Pierce
hr min
January 16
Callisto Media Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ghostfire86 ,

Great Read

Best book for beginners I’ve read so far

Sicary ,

A Classic Essential For Beginners

This is not your "Handbook to become rich" book. This is more like "WTH is going on with this things called investments".
When I listened to this book I had already made all the simple mistakes they easily explain. This book gave me the foundation I needed to start actually making money from stock trading. I bought my first house recently with the short term profits of my investments. Buying this book has been one of my wisest investments.

grouchiegirl ,

Stock Market Investing For Beginners

I loved this book. I have always wanted to invest in the stock market but felt intimidated and didn't know how to get started. This book lays everything out in simple, easy to grasp language with lots of great analogies and examples.. It starts at the very beginning to build a case for investing and then puts you at ease by reassuring you that no matter what age you may be, investing can work for you. Chapters include definitions of basic terms likes stocks and bonds and gradually progresses to analysis of different companies and how to choose the right stocks. A must read if you are new to the stock market!

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