Stone: A Pittsburgh Titans Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Minor league player Stone Dumelin lost his younger brother when the Titans’ team plane went down. He never expected the phone call that followed.

After a shoulder injury put my NHL career on ice, I resigned myself to the fact I’d never see my way out of the minor league again. As my career faded, my estranged brother’s star shot into orbit as the first-line left winger for the Pittsburgh Titans. But when the team’s plane crashed returning home one night, his light was snuffed out, and I was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Now I’m in Pittsburgh, playing for the Titans, and face-to-face with my dead brother’s ghost at every turn. His locker, his legacy, his persistent and annoyingly gorgeous attorney who won’t stop contacting me about his estate, even though I’ve demanded she leave me alone.

Harlow Alston would be extremely appealing if she wasn’t so aggravating. Only...that’s a complete lie. She pushes all the right buttons for me, and as much as I want her to quit pestering me about Brooks’ estate, I find myself intrigued by the fiery redhead who can’t take no for an answer. And the more I learn about Harlow, the more I find she might be the key to understanding who Brooks really was and who I want to be.

I’ve got a second shot at a career I thought I’d lost and the opportunity to build something real with Harlow, but can I find strength to move forward, or will my past dictate my future?

Jason Clarke, Ava Erickson
hr min
March 1
Sawyer Bennett

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

More than just a hockey love story

After finishing this book I've been sitting and thinking about what I want to say in my review. This book is not really a hockey book. Yes there are hockey references, but this is a book about Stone. About his relationship with his brother and with his parents. About his fear of commitment. About his fear that he is not good enough and is not deserving of playing in the majors. This is about his need to close the door on negative influences and focus on the positive ones. It's a story of secrets and revelations. No this is not a typical love story, but there is a love story there. This is about self assessment and self improvement. Kudos Ms Bennett. You baited me, then it was hook line and sinker to finish it off.

And who doesn't love Jason Clarke as a gruff hockey player? I mean what a perfect casting. It's been awhile since I've listened to Ava Erickson so it was nice to have her in my ears. She brings both strength and softness to Harlow

ajmeyer1966 ,

Stone and Harlow

I love this series so far! Harlow is just what Stone needs to help him reconnect with the brother he tragically lost in a plane crash and was estranged from due to their father pitting them against each other. As their friendship builds, Stone realizes Harlow is exactly what he needs to sooth his soul.

Jason Clarke and Ava Erickson are perfect narrators for this emotional story!

Bette H ,

Exceptional Story & Listen🎧 Gripping & Heartfelt!

Sawyer Bennett blows me away with another amazing novel set in her “Pittsburgh Titans” world, like the first book, “Baden” and just like that one, this book not only captivated my attention but tugged my heartstrings throughout the entire book. The characters and storylines are realistic, easy to relate to and connect with, they are easy to care about too. Pittsburgh Titans suffered a great lose when most of the team perished in a plane crash, a surviving owner put a new team together as best as she could, recruiting players from the minor leagues including Stone Dumelin, the brother of one of the team members who died. Stone had mixed feelings about joining the team, it was great to be out of the minors but it is hard to celebrate when he just lost his brother, Brooks. The two brothers were fairly close growing up despite not having the best father who played them against each other. Brooks idolized his older brother, but for several reasons, .the two fell out of touch as they got older. Now it is too late for Stone to make mends and to make matters worse, he learns more about Brooks now that he is gone, surprising things. Harlow Alston was Brooks’ best friend, and it was she who he asked her to be the one to make sure his brother followed thru with his estate. Knowing his brother’s stubbornness and anger, he knew she’d be strong enough to deal with him. And he was right, Stone was not very receptive to Harlow. Their first meeting did not go off too well, but Harlow’s dog came to the rescue, yay to Odin!! Stone quickly learns Harlow is not who he thought she was, and he softens up, a little at first but more when he learns more about her and who she was to Brooks. This is a beautifully written and plotted romance novel and you can feel the emotions pour off the pages right into your heart. I loved how everything played out, there is plenty of drama, some team, some relationship and then there is his family drama, his father was a real piece of work. Sawyer Bennett thank you for another wonderful story and emotional rollercoaster ride.

🎧📚🎧 And for the fabulous narration, Jason Clarke and Ava Erickson are superbly talented narrators and voice artists. They had a complete understanding of the characters they portrayed, gave each a voice that fit the character’s persona to a tee, sounding believable and just as I pictured the characters to sound. Jason Clarke nailed it as Stone, he captured his every emotion and had you feeling them. Ava Erickson did the same for Harlow. Both were great at performing the roles of the secondary character as well. These entertaining storytellers are a pleasure to listen to and their narration enhances an already amazing story to another level. Thank you for another exceptional listen.

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