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With the current financial crisis, high unemployment, and tight credit, you may be saying to yourself: "Who is acting rich these days? We're barely making ends meet." The reality is that the recession may have caused us to take a breather, but every indication is that we will pick up right where we left off when gentler economic winds blow again. Before you spend another dime, listen to this audiobook and understand how to become rich instead of acting rich.

It all starts with where you live. Live in a prestige neighborhood and you will spend more on everything from your car to your watch. Real millionaires understand that living in communities where their neighbors have less net worth than they do naturally leads to spending less. It's easier to be rich when keeping up with the Joneses hardly costs anything. Life satisfaction comes not from cruising down the highway in a chunk of your net worth, but from having the financial resources to choose - to spend time with family and friends, to volunteer, to pursue interests.

Best-selling author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind and leading authority on the wealthy, Dr. Thomas Stanley uncovers the truth that few people become rich by way of a high income, and even fewer high-income people are truly rich. The good news is that almost anyone can become wealthy - even without a super high income. Just stop acting...and instead start living like a rich person.

Fred Stella
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September 28
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Customer Reviews

AllenDubberly ,

Worth the Money!

I was really impressed with the big picture! the author gets on a tangent sometimes and beats a dead horse, but if you push through till the next chapter, you wont be sorry. Really eye opening, this is a MUST read, after this book you'll be able to perceive, acheive what you want but you have to know what you're up against first! It doesn't tell you HOW, but What you do when you get there!

genealotech ,

Wonderful Update To Millionaire Next Door

I read The Millionaire Next Door when it first came out. Now I also use this when I want a reminder of my financial goals. A lot of data for what millionaires buy, it answers a lot of the questions left unanswered in The Millionaire Next Door.

riff-raffkind ,

The dead horse

The first reviewer hit it on the head that chapter after chapter the author beat on the dead horse. After over 4 plus hours, half way through the book, I gave up. Too many percentages, too much name dropping over and over again. It read more like a thesis for a business class and the sad thing is I really think that some good information could have been extracted from this book . . . where was the editor????

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