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According to Mike Nelson, a recovering clutterer who knows first-hand what clutter can do and how it can be controlled, clutter is not just a minor annoyance or an organizational challenge.

It can hurt self-esteem and relationships, contribute to financial problems, and even lead to unemployment. Stop Clutter from Stealing Your Life gives you the practical advice you need to de-clutter you life and get yourself on the path to recovery.

The tips you’ll find throughout, such as clutter-free zones or establishing systems and filing habits will get your organized-for good!

David Elias
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January 1
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Customer Reviews

roger roundly ,

helpful book but very poorly written & read

this book does have quite a few helpful hints and can actually help one make positive change. it really helped me re-wire my thinking and de-clutter both at home and work. however, it's horribly written...just plain awful...sounds like a 3rd grader wrote it. I feel sorry for the guy who read the audiobook also. either he is a horrible reader or he had to make the best of the craptastic material that he was given. anyways, it's only $8 and in some ways thats a good value for the practice recommendations. it's just draining to wade through the authors groan worthy writing style and diction.

JJff99 ,

Just another self-help book

The synopsis of this book led me to believe it would give me some more fundamental information about "packratting", but it was just another organizational book with a lot of information about his own problems. There were a few points about the psychology of packratting, but not enough to be helpful. It was the typical "buy three boxes and sort" -- except that he indicated you also needed a file cabinet. If this was your first book on this topic, it might be helpful. Otherwise, just more of the same information that is out there. The only meat I got from the book was Clutterers Anonymous.

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