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Stop Drinking: Techniques to Overcome Alcoholism & Feel Better Than Ever

Has drinking started taking over your life? Maybe it already has, or maybe you’re just starting to take note of some troubling patterns. Whether you’ve been drinking too much for decades or you’re just beginning to binge, whether you’re a functional alcoholic or your life is falling apart around you, this guide is for you.

Forget the long, drawn out, preachy books that you’ve already flipped through and dismissed. This is a straightforward, practical, non-judgmental guide. We’re working to teach you techniques—practical approaches that work—not debate, bemoan, or belittle you.

Some of the things you’ll learn along the way include:

How to build up your initial motivation for an explosive start
How to choose between detox and tapering
Managing detox
Managing tapering
How to take cravings in stride
The common pitfalls that lead to relapse and how to avoid them
How to maintain your motivation even when times get rough
External resources that can help you stay sober

If that sounds like a lot to fit into a guide as concise as this one, you’re right—but that’s simply because there’s no fluff, no empty promises, and no beating around the bush.

You want to quit drinking? Well, you can and if you follow every single tip in this book, you will. It is that simple. It won’t be easy, but it will be straightforward, and it will be effective.

If you don’t want to actually quit, then all you have to do is avoid opening this book to start with. But there’s a reason you’re even reading this description. It’s because you know it’s time to quit. Admitting that to yourself is the first step. We’ll help you handle the rest.

William Harvey, Jr
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March 11
Author's Republic