Stop Pulling Secrets: The New Breakthrough Method to Help Take Back Control of the Mind and Stop Trichotillomania Hair Pulling (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $2.99

Publisher Description

Do you want to spend the rest of your life carrying the heavy weight of that shame and embarrassment that comes from Trichotillomania hair pulling on your shoulders?

If not, this might be the book you’ve been waiting for. In Stop Pulling Secrets, you’ll discover the method I used to obliterate his Trichotillomania hair pulling problem and free my mind from that constant stress after 20 long years of suffering through it. My dream is that you’ll follow the same steps and achieve the same life-changing success.

In this quick, no-nonsense listen, you’ll learn exactly how this process works, so you can get started right away. This is packed with actionable steps that virtually anyone can easily follow and replicate. And if you take this information, implement it in your life, and have even half of the success I’ve had, this book will be virtually the greatest investment you will ever make. After you get started, you’ll almost immediately see how this is likely the most powerful system you will ever discover for Trichotillomania hair pulling. 

For the last 20 years, my greatest dream has been to help the millions of people suffering with this terrible problem. And after years of investment, research and testing, I’m honored and blessed to have been offered publishing to share this new breakthrough discovery with you. 

As part of the Trichotillomania community, I pride myself on being trustworthy and delivering on my promises. And I can tell you that this groundbreaking information has the potential to change lives. And I’m so grateful and excited to be in a position to share it with you. So, give it a shot, and if you have even a fraction of the success others have had, you’re going to be very, very impressed.

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Elaine Chen
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June 8
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